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Rihanna Interview Part 2

Good Morning America gets props for getting absolutely the most mileage out of a celebrity interview.  Ever. Here’s part two of the Rihanna interview that aired this morning.  The...


Rihanna: Eff Love

You know, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Rihanna after she went back to Chris Brown post-beating.  After watching the first clip of her Good Morning America interview as it aired...


It’s Not Polite to Point

I’m getting pretty tired of seeing Rihanna’s nipples. I can understand that sometimes things that look opaque turn out to be sheer under bright lights. That happens. But she...


Love It Or Leave It?

What do you think of Rihanna as a blonde as she was seen last night on the streets of New York?  I actually like it!  While you’re at it, take a look at the close-up of her boots. ...