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The Wait Is Ova, and So Is Rihanna’s Participation in the Hollywood Spelling Bee


Ri-Ri’s ass would get slammed in a spelling bee by Fergie. That bitch can spelling anything, even hard words like “glamorous,” and Rihanna can’t even spell “over.” That’s probably because she got hit in the head earlier this year. Rihanna took to her brand-new Twitter to announce her new album’s release date, stating “The Wait Is Ova. Nov 23 09.”

Glad you’re back on your feet, kiddo, and I’m looking forward to the album.

It’s Not Polite to Point

Rihanna in Paris, Showing Off Her Eiffel Towers

I’m getting pretty tired of seeing Rihanna’s nipples.

I can understand that sometimes things that look opaque turn out to be sheer under bright lights. That happens. But she seems to have gotten into the regular habit of wearing sheer stuff with no bra on underneath. She knows she’s going to be photographed with bright flashes, but  she just doesn’t care to cover up her milk makers. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a little trashy?

Or am I just being prudish and a little visible areola  in the name of a bra-line free silhouette elegant and sexy?

A lot of sites are also reporting that this photo (also below) shows her vajayjay, but I don’t see a split, so I’m hoping it’s just nude colored undies. (I really loathe the fact that I just zoomed in on a picture of another woman’s crotch to see if it really shows her vagina.)

Love It Or Leave It?


What do you think of Rihanna as a blonde as she was seen last night on the streets of New York?  I actually like it!  While you’re at it, take a look at the close-up of her boots.  Are those Lindsay Lohan boots or what?

You Can Stand Under My Areola

Rihanna's Nips

Rihanna nipped out for a bite to eat in the West Village earlier this week.

In all fairness, there have been times that I’ve worn what seems to be a perfectly opaque, cheap cotton tank, only to discover that if the light hits it just right you might be able to see through it. But then, I’m one of those crazy old prudes who wears a bra, so no one gets to see my turkey timers.

NYPD Has Apparently Run Out Of Crime To Fight


Looks like there’s not too much for the New York Police Department to take care of these days because the day after singer Rihanna gave a tattoo illegally at a parlor run by a friend of hers back in July, they slapped the owner of the shop with a hefty fine for allowing an amateur to operate a needle. This information was released today, and while the ticket’s fee has not been released, records show that it could be anywhere between $200 and $2000 dollars.

While I’m apt to complain about concessions being made for celebrities, let’s get real: Rihanna is majorly in to tattoos and is often in the company of artists and has seen a ton of people, including herself, get inked. While it is a crime to allow an unlicensed artist go free with the needle, there’s also far greater crime and safety violations going on in New York City at any given moment. Have we found out who sold the crack to DJ AM yet? I didn’t think so…

Why Is Rihanna Sulking?


And whilst we’re asking the deepest of questions, why is she carrying a deflated Smurf around on her head?  Pictures of Rihanna shopping and dining in New York City yesterday.

Today In Worst Idea Ever


How many different hotels do you think there are in New York City?  I don’t know the exact number, but I think we can all agree that there are quite a few.  So, why in the world did Rihanna and Chris Brown — the two who aren’t supposed to be within 50 yards of one another — both stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower this weekend?

The two singers checked into separate rooms on Friday.  They then spent the next two days coming and going in separate cars.  Saturday evening, Brown checked out, once he realized the press caught on reportedly once he realized Rihanna was staying at the same hotel.  If he did violate the restraining order, it would void his probation and he would be charged with misdemeanor (sigh) assault.  Mark Geragos, Brown’s attorney, was asked about Chris’ whereabouts.  He replied, “I don’t want to be quoted on something hypothetical.”

I’ve had suspicions that these two would eventually get back together.  I am still hoping that I’m wrong.  Please, God.