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Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter Gets Thrown Under The Bus By Her Own Sister

Just because the media has painted Rielle Hunter to look like a husband-stealing slut doesn’t mean that her family’s going to be her support system. In fact, Rielle’s sister Roxanne Marshall is going to join right in on the bashing. In an interview with Extra, Roxanne said the following about her sister’s affair with John Edwards and the one big thing that Rielle failed to mention in her interview with Oprah:

“They were married, she has cancer. She has two little children. She deserves some respect. I would like to tell Mrs. Edwards that I feel so bad about the whole situation, and in my heart, I feel for her.”

I have to say, while sticking with your family is always respectable, sometimes doing the right thing and apologizing to a woman that’s clearly been hurt by your kin is the better thing to do. I really respect that Roxanne made this statement because if I was related to Rielle Hunter, Michelle “Bombsell” McGee, Rachel Uchitel or any of these infamous mistresses, I would be both humiliated and saddened by their actions.

Do you think Roxanne did the right thing by apologizing to Elizabeth Edwards?

Rielle Hunter Doesn’t Think She’s a Homewrecker

And I don’t think I’m a 26 year-old Caucasian female, either. I must have been mistaken at some point in life.

Hunter sits down for an interview with Oprah today (make sure you tune in!) and in anticipation of the Big Interview, quotes from the interview have been released as bait for the public. This is to be Hunter’s first “real” television appearance since allegations of the John Edwards affair broke and Rielle’s not keeping quiet this time, hell no.

In a promo for today’s show, Oprah claims that Hunter “doesn’t think she’s a homewrecker,” and “does not think she played a key role in breaking up the Edwards’ marriage.”

As for a continuation of a Hunter/Edwards intimate relationship? “That’s private,” Rielle claims, and laughs.

So. Homewrecker, fame-whore, misunderstood or d) none of the above?

Rielle Hunter Settles on Her First TV Interview

Nothing but the best for John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter. Homegirl has decided who she wants her first television interview to be done with, and obviously she went for the queen, Oprah. The interview will take place in Rielle’s Charlotte, North Carolina home and will most likely air during May sweeps. 

An “insider” spoke to The National Enquirer about the interview and said, “She’s excited about giving her account of how she met John, how the affair began and what’s in store for her future. Rielle also wants to clear the air about the GQ photos – she’s basically doing it to get the  truth out and tell her side of the story.” 

While most married men who get caught sleeping around would do literally anything to silence their partners in adultery, John apparently not only said it was fine that Rielle took the interview, but he encouraged her to do it and get her side of the story out there. 

This interview should be at least mildly interesting. Oprah tends to go soft at times (LOL), but she typically holds it down when she’s talking to non-celebs. I’m expecting a good mix ass-kissing and truth-telling.