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Colin Firth Swears He Didn’t Cry Over His ‘Bridget Jones’ Fate

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I’ll admit something that may be akin to blasphemy, and that’s that, uh… I’ve never actually watched Bridget Jones all the way through. Either of them. Nor have I read the book – though I did own the first one at some point (not sure if I still do). Well, Helen Fielding did a third book in the series called Mad About the Boy and in it (SPOILER), Mark Darcy was dead. Oh, snap!

Apparently, some people were saying that when Colin Firth found out about this, he sobbed his eyes out, but that’s a load of bologna according to the man himself. He did say, however,

From Sky News:

“I’ve heard I that nearly wept or that I had to process it,” he said. “I’m afraid, I tend to find the demise of a fictional character doesn’t run very deep.”

Fielding has hinted that she could bring Darcy back from the dead, and if so, Firth would gladly step back into the role.

“I’m always happy to be reincarnated, rejuvenated – a pair of electrodes – I would happily walk,” he said.

Ah, well that’s alright. Helen wants there to be a third movie, by the way, but there might be a bit of a wait for that – especially considering that Renee Zellweger is a shadow of her former self in every possible way.

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Love It or Leave It: Renee Zellweger for Tommy Hilfiger

photo of renee zellweger for tommy hilfiger pictures photos ad campaigns

So, Renee Zellweger decided to take a break from movies and dating and stuff (I’m STILL fucking waiting for the third installation of Bridget Jones, bitch!) to strut her lemon-sucking face for Tommy Hilfiger and his latest ad campaign.

I haven’t really been a fan of Hilfiger’s designs since 7th grade or so, as I think they’re kind of Kennedys-on-Holiday-bland, but hey. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. If Renee feels that stumping for Hilfiger will get her into her ex’s mom’s pants, then so be it.

Blind Item: What Actress Is Hooking Up With Her Ex’s Mom?

Holy shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

Today’s blind item comes from, and if there’s any truth behind it, this is some of the most crazy-ass Hollywood shit I have ever heard in my life.


Which A-list film actress, who recently split from her handsome actor-beau, is rumored to be having a lesbian affair with a much older woman? The kicker is that the alleged woman is the ex’s mother.

If you’re doubting even for a second that this is about Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper, than you probably don’t read here very often. As I’ve been pointing out for years now, Bradley Cooper is almost definitely gay and Renée is probably an undercover lesbian herself. What makes this item so scandalous and saucy is not just that Renée’s been running around with her man-beard’s mom, but that we have photos of her and Mrs. Cooper running around like BFFs that we published last year.

At the time I pointed out that the two ladies becoming close was a sign of how seriously Renée and Bradley were taking each other, but in retrospect, these ladies could have TOTALLY been doin’ it. I guess my mind’s just not wired to assume that kind of thing. Like, why would I ever assume that Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper’s mom are hooking up?

Anyway, I’m willing to take any other guesses for this item in the comments, but I’m pretty sure we’ve nailed this one down.