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Ranae Shrider

Aww, Thanks, Giuls!


I only hate on you because you’ve achieved the life I dream of. I think you know that. At least you can have a sense of humor about it — unlike some celebrities. (Cough — Verne Troyer — cough. I know it’s you sending the hate mail. Your email address changes, but your IP doesn’t, buddy.)

Oh, and on the Verne Troyer front, his ex Ranae Shrider is looking for an assistant. Bedroom videography experience optional.

Girl Talk with Ranae Shrider

You may not know her by name, but you know who she is — the other half (two-thirds?) of the Mini-Me sex tape. Ranae Shrider and I have become friends over the Internets, and this weekend in LA I actually had a chance to meet her. What I found was a person completely different from the crazy hanger-on that’s been portrayed in the media. She’s funny, charming, smart, independent, open-hearted and all too willing to laugh at herself. I told my girlfriends later, “You guys, she’s totally someone we’d hang out with.” And it’s true! She’s a very cool girl who I’m happy to call a friend.

After a yummy lunch, Ranae and I sat down to do some vlogging. I asked her the questions I’ve always wanted to ask her: What’s it like having sex with Mini-Me? How big is he down there? What positions work best? How is it, ya know, enjoyable? Ranae totally dished, and all the goods are in the clip above.

However, we talked about WAY more than Verne — Ranae’s been working as an actress in LA since before she even met him, and she also dished about her current projects, her relationship with Hef’s new girlfriends, Ron Jeremy’s take on her relationship with Verne, haters on the Internet, and why I need to get laid. You can watch the full-length interview in the clips below.

Mini Me Sex-Tape Partner Getting Her Own Show???

Ranae Shrider Sexy Pictures Photos

My beautiful and talented friend, Ranae Shrider (aka the girl from the Mini-Me sex tape) (aka the girl who sent me my favorite picture in the whole world), is rumored to be getting her own reality TV show.

I don’t know what the hell it could possibly be about, but I looooove this.

Seriously, people, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by a midget. You can quote me on that. Look, you spend a year fucking a midget and he still won’t take you to his damn film premieres? Don’t get mad: Leak a sex tape, get a bunch of great plastic surgery, and get your own TV show. That’s my kind of girl! Ranae says on her Twitter that she “is going to be super famous and the thought of that makes some people sick, oh well, get over it. off to film my show :) be safe loves! xoxo”.

I also think this is an appropriate time to share with you some excerpts from the email I got from Verne Troyer last week:

I think It’s F#$*ing hilarious what she is willing and trying to do. She is doing anything possible to get anyone’s attention. Which is kinda sad. Just think if that never happened what would she be doing? Her claim to fame is supposedly doing a sex tape with someone famous.

She always said she wants to be an actress for the art of it. Look at her. She is doing anything to get attention. Begging anyone who will listen to her to show her nude photo’s.

She will always be know for the chic who did a sex tape with mini me.

I’m sure her mother is so PROUD

I just LOVE that there is still so much drama between them. Neither of them is even close to being over this shit. It’s just too funny. It makes me feel a lot better about any lingering relationship drama in my life.

Apparently Verne has been emailing her mother and her manager and everyone else he can get in contact with to talk shit about her. Ranae says she “is shameless & amused that im STILL the topic of conversation 4 a little man who is supposidly [sic] “totally over me” right little dude, right ;)”

Ohhh geez. Ranae, give us deets about your new show!!! And I WANNA BE ON IT!!! We have so much fun talking shit over the Internet, let’s do it for the cameras!!!