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Quvenzhane Wallis

Video: The New ‘Annie’ Trailer Is Here!


Cameron Diaz is the worst thing to happen to the legacy that is 1982′s Annie, but here we are with her as Miss Hannigan. Luckily, we have the adorably talented Quvenzhané Wallis to even things out a bit, and Jamie Foxx (who can go either way – laughably awful or really talented).

I’m not sure what to make of the new Annie trailer, to be honest. Did this movie need to be remade? Most certainly not, but we’ve got it and we’ll have to learn to live with it. I don’t know how I feel about the modernization of it, but it is great to see a black girl in the lead with a black Daddy Warbucks – little girls especially can use any chance they can get to see themselves reflected in the media, so on that point alone, I kinda have to support it.

What do you think of the trailer? Would you see the Annie remake? It’ll be out on December 19th in the US, if so.

Is Sandra Bullock Playing Miss Hannigan In The Upcoming ‘Annie’ Remake?

sandra bullock

I don’t mind me a bit of Sandy Bullock – her movies are inoffensive enough and she seems like a pretty sweet lady and a decent actress. Plus, her baby, Louis, is absolutely adorable. Not sure why that gives her added credibility, but it does, so let’s just go with it. In any case, she’s got an exciting new role coming down the pipe, maybe: Miss Hannigan in Sony’s Annie remake.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Sandra Bullock is in early talks to join Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis in Annie, the update of the classic comic strip-turned-musical that Sony is making with producers Will Smith and Jay-Z.

Bullock would play Miss Hannigan, the mean lady who runs the orphanage inhabited by Annie (Wallis) and her friends. (Foxx will play a modern incarnation of Daddy Warbucks, a billionaire named Benjamin Stacks.)

But that is only if a deal is made. Bullock and the studio were in talks in March, but the actress ultimately passed at the time. Now the two sides are back at the table.

I’m sort of in support of this, but a little confused about the casting of this movie all-around. I love little Q, so I’m in on that front, but I’ve never really liked Jamie Foxx very much, to be honest. Also, the 1982 version is so classic so I’m not really sure why we need a remake. Can’t people leave well enough alone?

Quvenzhané Wallis Loves Her Puppy Purses, Okay?

If you haven’t seen Beasts of the Southern Wild, you probably have no idea of the adorable genius that is Quvenzhané Wallis. At only 9 years old, she’s the youngest actress to ever be nominated for an Oscar for her role as Hushpuppy, an accolade that’s so well-deserved, it’s not even funny. She’s the best – most of all because of her love of… puppy purses?

Quvenzhané told Ellen DeGeneres that the bags are her “signature” (love it!) and that she owns nearly 20 different designs, all made by a company called Poochie & Co. She matches them to her outfits and has brought different purses to both the Producers Guild Awards (above) and most recently, the Oscar luncheon in Beverly Hills:

This perhaps is a more low key way of ending our gossip day, but come on! Quvenzhané is stylin’ out! Can’t wait to see the one she brings to the red carpet later this month. May visions of pink poodles remain with you until we’re back tomorrow morning!