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Pregnant Man

That Pregnant Man Loves Being Pregnant, I Guess

So, I just read on that the pregnant man is pregnant for the third time. Thomas Beatie, for those of you who don’t remember because you’re totally crazy, was in the news a couple years ago when he carried he and his wife’s first child. Thomas was born a woman and underwent sex change surgery, but kept his reproductive organs. Nancy, his wife, is unable to carry children because of a hysterectomy, so the job of Baby Oven went to dad, who apparently loves it so much that they’re doing it again.

I am no longer amazed by this, but I definitely think it’s cool and a total miracle. Part of me wishes they’d just adopt because there are lots of kids out there who need adopting, but I also think unconventional stories like this give hope to any couple who is having trouble having a child of their own.