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Robin Thicke was high while recording ‘Blurred Lines’ (and throughout 2013)

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Robin Thicke is one of the biggest losers out there. He treats women like shit, he pathetically stalked his soon-to-be ex-wife when she finally left him, he’s full of himself, he constantly lies about his accomplishments… you get the gist.

We’re here to talk about that last part, today. You see, the estate of Marvin Gaye is suing Robin and Pharrell, who produced the track, for ripping off Marvin’s 1977 hit, ‘Got to Give It Up’. In fact, some reports even say that Robin specifically asked Pharrell to write a track that was reminiscent of Marvin’s, though now Robin says that was a lie, as was pretty much everything else he said throughout 2013 because he was actually pretty high and drunk all year.

From Slate:

After objecting to a mash-up of the two songs (“Mozart would be rolling in his grave right now”), he backtracks on comments he previously made to GQ about asking Pharrell to write a song in the vein of “Got to Give It Up.” He now says he made the whole story up to fortify his wounded ego: “After making six albums that I wrote and produced myself, the biggest hit of my career was written and produced by somebody else and I was jealous and I wanted some of the credit.”

But the most striking revelation comes when Thicke tries to explain his role—or lack thereof—in the song’s creation:

Q: Were you present during the creation of “Blurred Lines”?
Thicke: I was present. Obviously, I sang it. I had to be there.
Q: When the rhythm track was being created, were you there with Pharrell?
Thicke: To be honest, that’s the only part where—I was high on Vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio. So my recollection is when we made the song, I thought I wanted—I —I wanted to be more involved than I actually was by the time, nine months later, it became a huge hit and I wanted credit. So I started kind of convincing myself that I was a little more part of it than I was and I—because I didn’t want him—I wanted some credit for this big hit. But the reality is, is that Pharrell had the beat and he wrote almost every single part of the song.

He later says he continued to exaggerate his participation in the making of the song to “help sell records” and because he was not sober in a single interview that he gave in 2013. That doesn’t make him look very good, of course, but it also helps undercut the comments he’s made that seem to bolster the Gaye estate’s case.

LOL, okay, idiot. I mean, how sad and pathetic is this guy? He needs to go away for a long, long time. Also, he needs to be sued and forced to pay up for deliberately copying someone else’s song. I don’t for one second believe that he “made up” the story about asking for a song like Marvin Gaye’s. What would be the point of that lie? That’s not “taking credit” for anything – that’s admitting that you’re a shithead who has no originality and wants to copy off of something else that was actually good. Pharrell’s a dumbass, as well, and should have to pay up for going along with that nonsense.

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Pharrell thinks it’s not possible to be a feminist


In today’s edition of Pharrell Is Not Very Smart, we’ve got a pretty choice interview he did with Channel 4 in the UK, in which he actually says that it’s not possible for him to be a feminist, though he would totally love to be… if only he could!

I’ve been asked, am I a feminist?” the singer and producer said during an interview with Channel 4 News in the United Kingdom. “I don’t think it’s possible for me to be that.”

When asked why, he responded plainly. “I’m a man. It makes sense up until a certain point. But what I do is, I do support feminists. There’s injustices; there are inequalities that need to be addressed.”

…Take, for example, when he spoke in support of Hillary Clinton:

“I would love to see a woman run the country,” he said. “Historically, this world has been run by man. And what would a world be like if 75 percent our world leaders, our presidents and prime ministers, were female? What would that world be like? We don’t know, because we haven’t given it a shot. We’re too busy telling them what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Or, we’re too busy, you know, not allowing them to make the same amount of money that a man makes.”

Oh dear. Look, Pharrell is not really a smart guy. Does he make catchy songs? Sure. Is he a great thinker? Definitely not. I watched an interview with him after he performed at BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend last weekend and was stunned at how braindead he seemed. I think he was high as a kite, but weed makes you lazy, not completely ignorant.

Newsflash to Pharrell and whoever else doesn’t get it: it’s “possible” for EVERYONE to be a feminist, and it’s quite simple. If you think men and women are completely equal in every way and deserve the same rights and privileges, congrats! You’re a feminist! Jesus.

Here’s the video for ya:

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Here’s some weird shit you never knew about Pharrell


Pharrell is a bit of an odd guy. Everyone loves him – particularly white people, at the moment – so he’s all over the place these days, it seems. Even US Weekly put together a list of 25 things you may not have known about him, as told by the man himself. Here are some of the strangest/most hilarious of them:

8. Daisies are my favorite flowers.

10. I drink Pedialyte almost every day.

12. I like eating Crunchy Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s on Nilla wafers.

15. I wear Mickey Mouse slippers around the house.

17. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my all-time favorite cereal.

18. One of the best things in life is having a tall glass of soda with tons of ice — extra-cold!

25. I love Spongebob Squarepants toe socks so much that I had a cashmere pair made.

So what I’m getting from this is that Pharrell is a giant 8-year-old child? Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, sugary cereal, Pedialyte? I mean, come on! Cracks me up, but he does seem like a pretty sweet guy, I guess (with the Robin Thicke bullshit being the exception, but some people are just ignorant).

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