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Oprah made Pharrell cry!

Pharrell‘s ‘Happy’ is a massive success – I don’t know anyone on this planet who hates this song (go ahead, someone prove me wrong because I know it’s coming) and for good reason. I wouldn’t call myself a Pharrell fan, but I think he makes some pretty solid music (Robin Thicke collab withstanding) and...

Best, Worst, and WTF Fashion of the Brit Awards!

Time to celebrate Brits in all their glory with the 2014 Brit Awards. Let’s see which (mostly English) celebs wore what and wonder why. Then, single out some for BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the night. (For more British fashion goodness, check out this BAFTA Awards fashion post.)

Turns Out, Pharrell Is Not So Smart

Pharrell is all the rage again these days, picking up awards left and right and really taking over mainstream pop. Between the success of his collaboration with Daft Punk and now ‘Happy’, which is a great fucking song and does indeed make one rather joyous, he’s riding high. Of course, we have to remember the start of this...