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Paulina Porizkova

Janice Dickinson’s Talking Smack About Tyra Again

Janice Dickinson at Pirates Premiere

Sheesh! Can no woman work with Tyra Banks and then have something nice to say about her? After Paulina Porizkova got the boot from her seat on America’s Next Top Model — citing the producers’ claim that she had an “ego problem” — former judge Janice Dickinson is backing her up.

“That’s how Tyra rolls,” she told MTV News. “Tyra rolls like that, she likes to fire people just about when she’s promising them large amounts of money, they get the axe, like I did … then she takes the money and runs.”

Ouch! Them there’s fighting words! Personally, I do think it’s very interesting that the male presences on the show have gone unchanged over the years, but Tyra can’t seem to keep a woman in the fourth judge’s slot for more than a couple cycles. For all her spewing about how women need to support and love one another, rather than being jealous and destructive toward one another, she sure doesn’t seem to be walking the walk.

Judge Paulina Booted from ANTM for Her “Huge Ego”


I’m proud to say that I haven’t watched a “cycle” of ANTM since model Paulina Porizkova became a judge. I’m still a Janice Dickinson girl, through and through. (And wasn’t Twiggy in there somewhere, too?) Anyway, I guess Paulina’s not a judge anymore, as she told Craig Ferguson that they fired her on her birthday and told her how much she sucked.

“The reason I was told I was fired was because, it seemed, that America’s Next Top Model has gotten too fat and they needed to cut some fat and the fat was me,” Porizkova said during her interview. “So I figured it was either that or my gigantic huge ego. Which I wasn’t aware of until I was told by the producers that I have an ego problem.”

Um, so, let me get this straight here, Tyra: After 12 seasons, there has been no need to replace J. Alexander, Jay Manuel or Nigel Barker, but we’ve gone through three iterations of fellow female judges? I doubt the ego problem lies with Paula. I think Tyra Banks wants to be on top … alone.

Twiggy’s Out, Paulina’s In

Paulina Porizkova to Take Over for Twiggy on America’s Next Top Model as Judge

Strange things are afoot over at ANTM.

Twiggy will not be appearing as a judge on the upcoming cycle 10. Instead, Paulina Porizkova will take her place as the resident washed-up-model-who-makes-Tyra-Banks’-career-look-particularly-stunning-in-comparison. From the press release:

“We are thrilled to have Paulina as a part of this cycle’s judging panel. The show and participants will benefit a great deal from her vast modeling knowledge and expertise,” said Ken Mok, Executive Producer of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Twiggy, who has been a part of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL since cycle 5 is leaving due to scheduling conflicts. “We would like to thank Twiggy for her great contributions to the show. Having an icon like Twiggy lend us her considerable expertise has elevated our show to a whole new level. We wish her well in her endeavors and hope to collaborate with her in future cycles of ANTM as well as other projects.”

Scheduling conflicts?


Word on the street is Twigster didn’t want to be based in NYC, where cycle 10 will be filmed.

By the way, to check out the bottom portion of this picture — and some old-school Paulina Porizkova nip — jump in.

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