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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!


Rose Byrne, you can ring my bell any time.

This week’s Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week is a little quiet. Not much goes on in those days between xmas and NYE. Last week we all went WTF at Lindsay Lohan’s outfit. Who will take that spot this week? Go through and choose your pics for BEST, WORST, and MOST WTF.


Here’s what Beyoncé wore to promote her new album. This reminds me of Jennifer Lopez. And also of a robot.

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Paris Hilton Is Suing Over Her Sex Tape

paris hilton sex tape

Paris Hilton‘s sex tape came out over 8 billion years ago, I’m pretty sure, but she’s got a new lawsuit against a Slovenian website called, which has apparently been showing clips of Paris’s tape to drive traffic. Seems like pretty standard fare, and it’s far from the only site that’s doing it, but Paris ain’t having it and she wants the website to be taken down AND for a judge to give her part ownership of the domain. LOL!

From TMZ:

Paris has now taken legal action trying to shut the website down.  She also wants the domain name transferred to her … because if anyone’s gonna make money off of Paris’ naked body it will be her … and Rick Salomon.

In case you’re wondering how to sue a Slovenian porn site … you can’t go to “The People’s Court.”  You have to file with the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center.

You’re welcome.

Well, that’s special. First of all, having seen bits and pieces of that shitty “sex tape” (poor excuse for the word), I can say that I doubt anyone would still pay any kind of money for it. I don’t know why they ever would have in the first place. Secondly, is Paris Hilton still that desperate to remain at all in the public consciousness that she’s trying to use her decade old sex tape to do so? Lawd have mercy.

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Paris Hilton + S&M + Terry Richardson = Disaster

paris hilton terry richardson 8

Oh look, it’s a Terry Richardson photo shoot in which the subjects aren’t naked! It’s a Christmas miracle! And a blessing for your eyes, since this time around, the subject is Paris Hilton (and not like we haven’t seen her bits already, anyway). Her sister, Nicki Hilton, also pops up in a few of the photos, which is kinda funny because I forgot she existed, probably because she’s far less obnoxious than her sister and less of a fame whore.

I’m not sure what the occasion was, but I do know I could have gone the rest of my days without seeing Paris Hilton in soft S&M gear. Of course, she’s got a single to try and promote (TO WHOM?) so I suppose it’s only natural that she’d go see Uncle Terry to drum up some more attention.

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Paris Hilton’s Idea of a ‘Good Time’ Includes Writhing Around in a Bikini

paris hilton

Paris Hilton managed to get a record deal with Cash Money Records – for what reason, we’ll never know – and she’s getting ready to bring out the video for her new single ‘Good Time’, which features Lil Wayne and was produced by Afrojack, who I’m vaguely confusing for that guy who sang that ‘Cos I Got High’ song some years back. Totally not the same person, by the way.

Anyhow, that’s neither here nor there. Paris gave a 15 second teaser of the video for ‘Good Time’ on her Instagram page yesterday, and without further ado, here it is in all its glory:


First of all, I love that she thinks she’s repping YMCMB so hard like that. Second of all, I love that all the video that’s not of her mouthing the words under a heinous amount of autotune look like they don’t even belong to this song. The whole thing is just so very wrong. I know Wayne loves the Sizzurp, but are you fucking kidding me? How high do you have to be to co-sign this shit?

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Newsflash: Paris Hilton Is Shooting An “Amazing” New Video

paris hilton

Paris Hilton released that flop of an album, Paris, in 2006 and we all just assumed that was the end of that and we’d no longer have to be tortured by thoughts of Paris making “music” anymore. How wrong we were! In fact, she’s finished recording her new album and even completed shooting on a video for its first single, entitled (surprise!) ‘Good Time’. If you want more proof of what pure class this will be, the vid was choreographed by Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin.

This whole thing screams hot mess. You can’t even IRONICALLY like Paris Hilton’s music like you can, say, Countess LuAnn’s. Come on, you know “Money Can’t Buy You Class’ is one of the best jams of the millennium (I’ve just put it on YouTube as we speak). I can’t even believe anyone is letting this happen – it’s all Lil Wayne‘s fault. Paris Hilton needs to stick to… I dunno, calling things “hot” and spending money she did nothing to earn.

In the meantime, here’s some bullshit promotional tweets she put up:

Please let me know two things: one, how high Lil Wayne was when he thought signing her was a good idea and two, who is going to “rage” to her single in a way that’s not homicidal.

Top 14 Most Hated Celebrity Couples

gwyneth paltrow and chris martin most hated celebrity couple

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are easily one of the most hated celebrity couples ever, right? Radaronline polled a whole mess of people and compiled a list of 14 celebrity couples that people absolutely hate and Kim and Kanye didn’t even make the list! Shocker! These lists are based on pretty much nothing, but they’re so fun; from the most hated celebrities to the ugliest male celebs, I know I like a good stupid list.

I don’t think these are actually in a particular order, in terms of most to least. The first ones on the list are Rihanna and Chris Brown. Who are the rest?Click to find out.

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Paris Hilton Has A Record Contract Thanks To Lil Wayne

paris hilton lil wayne bday party

Paris Hilton, you better thank Sofia Coppola for making you aaaaaalmost relevant again, thanks to The Bling Ring. Lil Wayne is reviving Hilton’s singing/music/whatever you call what she does career by officially signing her. They collaborated in November of 2012 but apparently that just wasn’t the end of it. More info from TMZ:

Wayne’s mentor – Birdman – confirmed the news on Twitter … saying, “Lil Wayne’s Cash Money family has a new member! Paris Hilton: RichgangRichgirl.”

According to Showbiz411, Hilton’s album will focus on house music — no surprise, since she’s been DJing at various clubs all over the world … and training with some house music bigshots for years.

The album — Hilton’s first since 2006 — will reportedly be produced by Afrojack … and will feature bona fide stars like Lil Wayne.

Paris told Showbiz411, “[The new album] is a lot different than my first album. It’s really going to be house music.

And it’s really going to be awful. Although. Although! Confession. “Stars Are Blind” is a pleasure of mine. I don’t even know if I feel guilty about it anymore either. It’s really catchy.

The friendship of Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton seems so odd. They started “working together” (it’s in quotation marks because I don’t think Paris ever actually works) in 2011 and when she turned 32 in March of this year, he was not only a guest but performed as well.

paris hilton lil wayne performing her birthday party

Now please enjoy this recent photo of Paris leaning dangerously towards one side:

paris hilton cannes