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Olivia Newton John

Guess Who’s Headed to Las Vegas Now?

olivia newton john

Olivia Newton John is coming for you, Las Vegas! I only really know ‘Let’s Get Physical’ and all the songs from Grease, so I’d hardly call myself a fan, but still – a legend! She’s taking up residency at the Donnie and Marie Showroom at the Flamingo Hotel right on the strip, with the first show scheduled for April 8.

From Billboard:

“Grease” star Olivia Newton-John is headed to Las Vegas. The 65-year-old singer and actress announced a headlining residency Tuesday. She will perform 45 shows at the Donny and Marie Showroom at The Flamingo, starting April 8. Dates are scheduled through the summer.

Organizers say the show will feature “Grease” classics including “Hopelessly Devoted to You” and “You’re the One That I Want,” as well as Newton-John’s independent pop songs. The show will be called “Summer Nights.”

Oh God, it all sounds so tacky and I love it. The Flamingo is kinda shit, though. When I went to Vegas last summer, I stayed just down the street at the Paris (which was GORGEOUS) and half of the Flamingo seemed to be boarded up/falling apart. So weird.

In any case, would you go to see this? What do you think the average age of audience members will be?

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John Travolta And Olivia Newton John Performed A Christmas Miracle

Hint: it’s this video of their brand new Christmas song, “I Think You Might Like It.”

Ok, but for real, this shit is awful. This is so bad. This is worse than anything else that has ever happened. There aren’t even words that could come close to accurately describing this mess, and you know what? I love that. I love that they went for it. I love that they’re shitting all over my fond memories of watching Grease with my sister and asking her why I kind of felt like I needed to pee but not really when John Travolta started dancing. Because I love feeling feelings, and this video makes me feel basically all of them.

Did you love it, too?

Olivia Newton-John’s Dead Boyfriend? Yeah, He’s Not So Dead.

Remember when Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend up and disappeared, like, five years ago?  Yeah, he supposedly had taken his boat out on the open seas and was never seen again.  After a huge investigation and tons of money involved, he was ruled dead.

Well, the investigation must have seemed fishy to some, because the case was never closed.  New information has been brought to public knowledge stating yes, the man, Patrick McDermott, is alive and well and living off the coast of Mexico.

McDermott’s counsel states that he did fake a disappearance after breaking off a nine-year relationship with Newton-John in order to escape financial ruin and allow an insurance policy of $100k to be cashed out in order to benefit his son.

You think you know someone and then they go and fake their death. Man, I’d be pissed if I were Olivia Newton-J.