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Norah Jones

I Know You’re Wondering What Norah Jones Has Been Up To, Right?

Well color me disappointed. I went to go ahead and categorize this post and much to my chagrin, THERE WAS NO NORAH JONES CATEGORY. Meaning? There’s a 99% chance that we’ve never written about the fabulous Norah Jones on Evil Beet and that makes me sad. And incredulous. Because Norah Jones is, in my humble opinion, one of today’s most talented and entertaining singer/songwriters. I mean, girlfriend goes WAY THE FUCK past late-night karaoke staple ‘Come Away With Me.’ I mean, have you even heard of of ‘Sinking Soon‘? Dude. Enough said.

Anyway. Above you see Norah performing at the 15th annual Webby Awards, where she covered Johnny Cash’s ‘Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold This Body Down)’. This chick and her music totally rock my world – so much so that ‘Sinking Soon’? Is actually my RINGTONE.