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Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky Speaks Out About Airport Brawl

Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky is finally opening up about the airport fight she and her family had with the family of ANTM castaway Bianca Golden.

Nikki says that she and her father Carl are “completely destroyed” by the incident.

“The hardest part for me is to see my parents walk around in severe upset and sadness,” she says.

The fight erupted at the Providenciales International Airport, where the Blonsky family was waiting to fly home from a Caribbean vacation in the Turks and Caicos. Blonsky says that the Golden family – including Bianca, her mother Elaine and her brother George – grew angry when some passengers were saving seats in the departure area.

Things took a nasty turn, she says, when she asked Bianca not to point her finger in her face. “That’s when she stood up, pulled her arm all the way back and said, ‘F— you, you white b—-.’ And she closed her fist and punched me,” says Blonsky.

Golden – whose mother, Elaine, had to be airlifted to a hospital for her injuries – gave a very different account, telling Tyra Banks that Nikki kicked her mother in the groin and that Carl punched her mom in the face.

“Absolute lies,” says Nikki.

Personally, I’m completely destroyed by the fact that this airport didn’t catch this shit on security cameras. WTF is up with that? Aren’t airports supposed to have cameras everywhere? If not to catch terrorists, then at least to catch Nikki Blonsky ripping out Bianca’s weave? Is technology good for nothing anymore?

Bianca Golden Weighs in on Hairspray Smackdown

The ANTM alum is making her first public appearance since her family got into a kerfuffle with Hairspray plus-sizer Nikki Blonsky and her pops in an overseas airport.

And where has she chosen to speak out?

Why, the Tyra Banks show, of course.

Golden tells Banks that Nikki’s father reportedly threw a punch. “Her father… punched my mom.” She added, “He knocked her out — he hit my mom with such force she stumbled back, and when she stumbled back, the whole family got up and attacked my mom.”

Bianca claims the “Hairspray” star then kicked Golden’s mom, who was on the floor. Golden states that her mom suffered a broken nose, fractured skull and internal bleeding, and is recovering and in therapy. “She walks now, and she’s back,” says Golden.

Bianca added, “Listen, Tyra, this chick is so horrible up close. I mean, if she were a contestant on ANTM, you wouldn’t know if she was the token plus-size or the token cross-dresser. It’s that bad.”

Okay she didn’t really say that. But she should have.

Nikki Blonsky’s Dad Is Out of Jail

For anyone who’s still following this story, Nikki Blonsky’s father has been released from a Turks and Caicos after his bail was lowered to $3000.

I really grow less and less happy about this story as every day passes without video of the actual fight. I can’t believe there weren’t security cameras in that airport. This sort of bullshit never would have happened in the U.S. We would have had that tape within twelve hours. GO AMERICA!