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Nicole Richie


Who would’ve thought we’d ever see the day?

Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie, both smiling for a photograph, and neither looking like they might blow over if somebody sneezes.

MK’s little rat-tail braid?

Is another story.

But, in general, they both look great, and really healthy, and that’s great to see. I was tired of trying to decide which of them to put more money on in the company’s bi-monthly Death Pool. Now everything just goes to Amy Winehouse.

At the Proenza Schouler show at NY Fashion Week.

Behaving Herself

The once-again super-skinny Nicole Richie is hardly on the radar these days. The only time we seem to get new shots of her is when she goes to driving school. I wonder if that’s because she alerts the paparazzi when she goes to driving school so that we can all see she’s fulfilling her civic obligations, or because the paparazzi know her driving school schedule. I hate that I care.


Here’s Nicole going to driving school.