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Nicole Kidman


“The baby comes wherever I go, and I just like looking at her, watching her breathe. I stand over her crib and watch her breathe. It’s pathetic. My mum says I’m over-bonded. I don’t care. I’m just very bonded right now … I don’t want my baby photographed. I just couldn’t have her exposed. She’s my baby girl, and I’m very protective, and I’m still hormonal. I keep her close. I just wanted to be in the bubble of Keith, Sunday, Bella and Connor and me. That was the bubble for the first month … She’s just barely rolling over, smiling and giggling. She looks just like her daddy. She’s got my skin, unfortunately. I wanted her to have dark skin. She’s so pale, and she has to wear zinc cream and hats. Poor Sunday. There’s no frolicking on the beach.”

Nicole Kidman discusses her four-month-old baby, Sunday Rose, in an interview with USA Today.

Is anyone else a little shocked that she even remembers that she has two other kids?

Nicole Kidman Plays First Post-Op Transsexual

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences really appreciates girl on girl action and any gender bending roles.  Charlize Theron in Monster, Nicole Kidman in The Hours, Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry. 

So even though the film is only in pre-production, I call Oscar nominations for Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman who are starring in the independent movie The Danish Girl.  The film, based on a true story, tells the tale of two married artists and how the husband changes after posing as a female model for portraits.  Kidman gets to play the guy who, in time, became the first post-op transsexual.  Will you watch?  It sounds like a fascinating story.


“I touch wood every day.”

Nicole Kidman in December’s Glamour Magazine

Fuck.  Wood is such a distracting force for me.  Sorry. 

“I felt I became a star only by association. I didn’t think [the early movies] were very good, which is why I would always cower in the background. I thought, I don’t deserve to be here. We would go to the Oscars and I would think, I’m here to support him. I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress and be seen and not heard.”

Nicole Kidman in December’s Glamour Magazine discussing life with Tom Cruise

And yes, that is Nicole Kidman’s wax figure from Madame Tussaud’s.



“Nicole Kidman’s forehead looks like a fucking flatscreen TV!”

Sharon Osbourne sharing her thoughts on plastic surgery while appearing as a guest on Chelsea Lately.

Meow.  Truly?  I’m all for plastic surgery as long as it doesn’t completely morph you into a droid.  Nicole Kidman looks great.

Nicole Kidman Wants Her Kids Out of Scientology


Um, I’m not sure if I’m buying this, because seriously when is the last time you saw a picture of Nicole Kidman with her adopted children? Or read anything about them spending any time together? Long ago, I got the feeling she didn’t care about them one bit.

But supposedly Nicole Kidman wants her kids out of the Church of Scientology.

According to Page Six:

Nicole Kidman , a Catholic, has limited contact with her adopted kids by Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor, who are deeply entrenched in Scientology. At the New York premiere of Ian Halperin’s film, “His Highness Hollywood,” a Scientology insider told Halperin that Kidman “wants her kids out of the church.” Halperin beat up on the faith in his book, “Hollywood Undercover,” and said he wasn’t surprised when, during the premiere, “the projector had been sabotaged.”

The projector had been sabotaged? Oh, man, Hollywood is just one big Miss Pre-Teen USA competition, but with very wealthy grown-ups.



“I have to tell you that Nicole Kidman most certainly did NOT drink white wine or any other alcoholic beverage backstage. She had water and lemon zinger tea. That’s it. I know, I was there with her I cannot remember that last time that Cindy Adams got anything right. She’s an idiot, and you can quote me.”

Nicole Kidman’s rep, Catherine Olim, responding to allegations that preggers Nicole Kidman was drinking wine at the Oscars.