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Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Sext


Keith Urban admitted, with some embarrassment, that he sexts wife Nicole Kidman. Better hope neither of their phones get stolen. But you know, it’s cool — celebs are just like us! I can’t even tell if I’m being sarcastic anymore. On Ellen, he talked about how he and his wife keep in touch with their busy schedules — he with his touring and American Idol-ing, and she with being the best actress in the world and getting shoved onto the sidewalk by paparazzi on bicycles. Here’s what he said, via Toronto Sun:

We just make it work. We never text, we never email. Phone calls only, which I really love that. [...] Maybe one text. Maybe one cool kind of, you know… Nice sex texting. I’m a little red right now.

I did an artist’s rendering of what he looked like:


Do YOU sext? Are you worried someone’s going to see it?

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Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage Named Best Actors In The World

nicole kidman best actress in the world jackie chan

Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage are awesome actors, obviously. But did you know they are the BEST ACTORS IN THE WORLD? You do now. China’s Huading Awards named them best actress and best actor. HERE’S MORE INFO! Via USA Today:

Other global winners included Quentin Tarantino, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Dockery and Matthew Perry [for Best Global Actor In A TV Series].

According to Variety, the event was founded by Global Talents Media and “is held several times per year in order to honor personalities and achievements in the sports and entertainment field.”

It will be aired on Chinese television, with the potential to reach more than 800 million people.

The Associated Press was on the scene, interviewing celebs as they walked the red carpet.

Nicole Kidman arrived wearing Prada and walked with Jackie Chan (above).

AHAHA WHAT. Okay, whatever. You go, China!

So here’s our question for you: who do YOU think is the best actor and actress in the WORLD? Christian Bale? Tilda Swinton? Holla!

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Nicole Kidman’s Hairstylist Is Obsessive

nicole kidman nyc fashion week

Nicole Kidman is practically perfect in every way. No wonder she’s playing Grace Kelly. Part of her perfection is due to her hairstylist, who must be one of the most obsessive people I’ve ever read about. It’s in a good way, though. The attention to detail he puts into doing her hair is just insane. He does research on her previous hairstyles before he even touches her head. His name is John Nollet and he also works on Audrey Tautou and Johnny Depp’s ex, Vanessa Paradis.

Here’s a glimpse into his process and some secrets about Nicky K’s hair. From Vogue Australia via the Herald Sun:

Ten days before the [Cannes] festival, I researched Nicole’s red carpet looks to understand her preferences in term of volume, shapes, textures … to add something different compared to what she had already done during her career. I prepared about 10 moodboards showing her images, paintings, textures and sketches to understand, depending on her reactions, which one she [preferred]. I would have not have been able to create anything magical without listening to her feelings.

Due to her super-tight schedule [I had] to have her coiffure ready in 20 minutes … maximum! To be on time, I used to repeat at night every movement I had to do the day after, in order to be ready to create the coiffure as fast as possible.

[Product placement alert like whoa!]  I washed her hair with L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise EverCrème Shampoo and Conditioning Spray … Volume is naturally part of curly hair and that is what the coiffure has to play with. [Letting the hair dry] naturally enhances the curls.

Oh my God wait, so this man is responsible for Ms. Kidman’s classy mullet??? Duuuuuuude. Should have busted out more moodboards. Pretty sure he was responsible for this mess as well:

nicole kidman cannes hair