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Natalie Maines

I Completely Forgot Natalie Maines Existed for a Minute There

Remember when she was all cutting-edge and political and stirring up the pot on Bush’s policies and whatever? Seems like so long ago, doesn’t it? I mean, love her (or him) or hate her (or him), that was kind of a tiny bit of a career suicide, wasn’t it?

So what does one who lost their spot in the limelight do to try and salvage a career before they realize that you have to pay into your own 1099 wages so that they count for Social Security benefits? They rerecord an old song, try to make it their own, and ride the coattails on that for awhile to let a little bit more dough roll in so that they can go back to semi-retirement, and recommence chastising themselves for not knowing when to hold it, fold it, or shut the fuck up.

In this case, Natalie’s gone and redone The Beach Boys’ epic song, ‘God Only Knows,’ for Season 5 of Big Love, and boy do I love Bill Paxton.  But regardless, girlfriend can sing, and I really do heart this song.

What do you guys think? Did you forget about Dre Natalie Maines, too?

Suing Natalie Maines, Per Usual

I don’t mind Natalie Maines, and I typically agree with the things she says, but her big mouth does tend to get her — and her bandmates — in an awful lot of trouble. Exhibit 8000:

A man whose 8-year-old stepson was killed in 1993 has sued all three members of the country-pop group for defamation, singling out frontwoman Natalie Maines for her comments suggesting that he played a role in the boy’s death.

Maines, whose outspokenness has won her lifelong friends and mortal enemies alike, appeared last December at a rally in Little Rock, Ark., for the three men, tagged the “West Memphis Three” by their supporters, who were convicted as teenagers of killing the plaintiff’s stepson, Steve Branch, and two other 8-year-old boys.

According to the six-page complaint filed Nov. 25 in Pulaski County Circuit Court, the “Not Ready to Make Nice” singer told the crowd that new DNA evidence from the crime scene implicated Steve’s stepdad, Terry Hobbs, and that Hobbs’ behavior following the boys’ death was suspect.

I wonder how the rest of the Chicks feel about being dragged into Natalie’s battles.