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Paul McCartney Is Still Married, Still Partying Down

Photo: Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell boogied to Motown on Friday night

Paul McCartney wed Nancy Shevell way back on October 9, and their wedding reception lasted all hours of the night, even inspiring a noise complaint.

The couple is still reportedly celebrating in New York City, you guys! They threw another reception Friday night; Jon Bon Jovi and Barbara Walters attended the fete (slow down, Barbara!), and even Yoko Ono was a surprise guest. And guess who else attended! Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters! He’s scheduled to perform at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit Concert tonight, as it happens. Dude. Why is Dave Grohl so busy all of a sudden?

Anyway, wow. Paul McCartney might be an oldy-McOlderson, but he is unstoppable—he reportedly rocked the party till 1:30 in the morning.

Paul McCartney: Happily Married, Can’t Stop Partying

Photo: Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell leave Marylebone Hall after their civil ceremony

If it isn’t completely obvious, I am thrilled for Paul McCartney and 51-year-old (?!?!) bride Nancy Shevell. They were married yesterday, on what would have been John Lennon’s 71st birthday. The bride wore a tailored dress designed by Stella McCartney.

Since then, the spryest Beatle has been partying nonstop! According to CBS, the newlyweds’ reception, held at the couple’s home, bumped late into the night (Kate Moss was reportedly the last person to leave). The police even stopped by to investigate a noise complaint!


- An arugula and basil salad
- Goat cheese polenta
- A vegan cake
- A “traditional” (read: “normal” and “delicious”) cake

But here is the best part: McCartney has decided to go on tour next month! The Huffington Post has the scoop:

The tour, dubbed the “On The Run” tour, a clear homage to his famed “Band on the Run” period in the 70s, will start in Abu Dhabi and move on to Paris, Russia, Italy and London, finish in his hometown of Liverpool.

“My audiences seem to get better each year and the band and I love the buzz and feedback that they give us,” he said in the statement. “I can’t wait to see you all for some wild nights of rock n’ roll and partying.”

Sir Paul McCartney Is Getting Married Today!

Photo: Paul McCartney with his bride-to-be, Nancy Shevell

That’s right, ladies! The most famous living Beatle is officially off the market as of, er, sometime today.

If you feel out of the loop, you’re not alone. This whole wedding thing has been shrouded in mystery. Sir Paul is marrying fiancée Nancy Shevell, whom the Daily Mail epithets an “American heiress” and, elsewhere, a “millionaire socialite.”

In stark contrast, the New York Observer insists Shevell is hardly the picture of U.S. royalty, describing Shevell instead as a “New Jersey-ite,” “tomboy,” and “trucker girl” (Shevell works for the MTA in New York City and, we are told, only travels by bus).

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Today in Things I Didn’t Want to See Before … Well, Anything

Paul McCartney goes topless on holiday and ends up looking a lot like what I pictured my grandmother to look like in a pair of swimming trunks and nothing else.

His girlfriend, however, Nancy Shevell, has a mighty fine-looking ass for someone who’s almost fifty.   And dayyyyum, check out that waistline! She’s clearly never grunted a child out of her vagina.

Also, on the topic of Nancy Shevell’s vagina, mad kudos to her for bumping uglies withGramma McCartney.  I’m sure she’ll have a good comeuppance in the long run for indulging an old maid’s man’s freaky-deaky ways.

Nah, I’m just kidding.  I love Paul McCartney and his old lady funbags.  He’s sweet and talented and probably a super-nice guy. I just wouldn’t want to do ‘em.

Crap, Paul McCartney Has Another Relationship I Have to Care About


Nothing bores me more than Paul McCartney and his girlfriends.

I want to hire a special blogger just to cover all things Paul McCartney around here, so that I don’t even have to pretend to care.

But his new girlfriend, American heiress Nancy Shevell, has reportedly moved in with him, just five months after his divorce from Heather McCartney became final. So, ya know, I have to write about it.

Nancy’s 47, so hopefully she’s infertile and there won’t be another helpless child dragged into yet another messy McCartney split.

Paul McCartney Goes Cross-Country with His New Love

So long, Heather Mills!

Paul McCartney seems to be going strong with his new woman, Nancy Shevell.

The couple are driving across the U.S. along Route 66 — in a classic ’89 Ford Bronco. They were spotted in Joliet, Illinois last weekend, and they’re apparently planning to take the famous highway all the way to the West coast.

This is actually a really smart move on Paul’s part. I mean, if he doesn’t hate her after a cross-country drive in an ’89 Bronco, she’s definitely a keeper. I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet right now with whom I’d want to drive cross-country. Well, except for Leo. Because he doesn’t talk.