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Nancy Kerrigan

Welcome Home, Mark Kerrigan!

Well, this is awkward.

So you know how Nancy Kerrigan’s brother Mark is probably responsible for their father Dan’s death? Because Mark strangled Dan over the right to use the home telephone? OK, well, the Kerrigan family is convinced that Dan actually died from some pre-existing problem and so they’ve bailed out Mark and he’s living at home with his mom again.

From People:

Kerrigan, 45, was released from Bridgewater State Hospital on Tuesday and was returned to the county jail for the night. He is facing assault charges for a violent altercation that resulted in the death of his father, Daniel Kerrigan, 70, on Jan. 24.

Woburn District Court officials confirmed to PEOPLE that the bail was posted Wednesday morning. As part of the conditions of his bail, Kerrigan must wear a GPS bracelet, submit to alcohol and drug screening and get mental health counseling.

I’m just going to tell you how this reads to me: The Kerrigan family has a mentally ill son in his mid-40s that lives at home. He’s troubled, but they love him and compared to his sister, how was he ever supposed to succeed? The parents feel guilty. They support his odd and bratty behavior, like bullying them over use of the phone. One day things get out of hand and Mark goes nuts on his dad in a way he never has before and it results in death. The family, both shocked and experiencing great loss, doesn’t know what else to do but to support their son. The father is already dead and if the son goes to jail, that’s just another huge hit for the family. And remember! Everyone feels very guilty about Mark’s life and whatever mental condition it is that he has, so they are quick to forgive him for his odd behavior.

Is that definitely what’s going down over there? I have no idea. But if I were to take a guess as to why a man who the police think killed his father is being welcomed back in to his mother’s home with open arms, that would be it.

More Sad News for The Kerrigan Family

The cause of Nancy Kerrigan’s father’s death was announced today and it does not look good for Nancy’s brother Mark, who is currently in police custody for the incidents surrounding the death.

From TMZ:

According to the findings, Daniel Kerrigan died from cardiac dysrhythmia after suffering a neck injury during a physical altercation at his house.

The Coroner says Daniel suffered a cartilage fracture to the larynx area, which was exacerbated by heart disease.

That’s essentially strangulation, guys. And yes, the death has been ruled a homicide. So Nancy’s brother probably killed their father. Over the right to use the telephone. That’s very sad.

Update on the Kerrigan Family Drama

Although Dan Kerrigan’s autopsy results are still pending, Nancy Kerrigan and the rest of her family wont be seeing brother Mark Kerrigan, at their father’s funeral. Currently, it’s suspected that Mark’s physical fighting with his 70-year old father over the use of the home telephone was the cause of Dan’s death. He’s been arrested and charged with elderly abuse (not murder) and is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

From People:

Mark Kerrigan, 45, who has a long history of violence and run-ins with the law, was sent to Massachusetts’s Bridgewater State Hospital for an evaluation on his mental competency. The state Department of Correction guidelines prohibit prisoners from attending funeral services.

Mark is pleading not guilty and there hasn’t been a comment from the family, but this has to be an incredibly sad time for them. Not only have they recently lost someone, but they will likely lose another in a way, as well. Also, Mark’s “long history” of violence has been clear for some time and nothing was ever done about it. Often times mental illness is brushed under the carpet in favor of believing that everyone’s OK deep down, they’re just acting crazy. It’s a shame when a situation gets ignored and blows up like this.


Nancy Kerrigan’s (that chick that got her ass whooped with a crowbar by one of Tonya Harding’s lackeys in the 90s) father was found dead yesterday, and get this: they think her brother did it. 70-year old Dan Kerrigan was found unresponsive in his Stoneham, MA home last night and so the family had him transported to Winchester Hospital, only to learn that he had passed away. Earlier that evening, Dan had fought with Nancy’s brother Mark, who is 45 years old. Definitely too old to be killing your father, for the record.

Now Mark has been charged with abusing an elderly person and causing serious bodily injury (aka “death”), although he has not been charged for murder. According to People, the fight started over whether or not Mark could use the telephone. And that’s just about the saddest thing I’ve heard so far today. The Kerrigan family has creeped me out enormously since the get-go. I never minded that Tonya Harding tried to beat Nancy up because I probably would have wanted to beat her up, too. There’s something unsettling about these people even when you brush the whole “the son probably murdered the dad” thing aside.