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Justin Bieber & Diplo’s New Video ‘Where Are U Now’ Is Weird

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is getting adventurous when it comes to his new music, so he’s teamed up with EDM douchebag Diplo and slightly awkward but really nice guy Skrillex for a new song called “Where Are U Now”. It’s a strange video but a pretty catchy song… not to mention it contains a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shout out to Justin’s ex x 5,000 times, Selena Gomez!


OMGGGGGG… does this mean they will get back 2gether?! (Insert eye roll here.)

All sarcasm aside, I actually hate myself for how much I like this song, but hey, I’m not immune to a good beat. It’s really well-put together and a total bop, so don’t judge me (too harshly). Have a listen below if you haven’t already and let me know what you think because I need validation that I’m not going crazy by being so into this shit. I really wonder how this collaboration came about, because you know both Diplo and Sonny had dollar signs in their eyes when this collab was finalized. I mean, the video is already up to over 4 million views, which is not too shabby. That’s all Bieber fans, too.

Anyhow, have a listen below!

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Selena Gomez Releases ‘Good For You’

selena gomez

Selena Gomez is a bit of an enigma to me, I must admit. I don’t really “get” her. She is trying to be taken seriously as some sexy adult pop star, but all I can see is a tiny child and Justin Bieber‘s ex-girlfriend, so I can never really get fully on board. It’s one reason why I can’t buy the bullshit of her new single, “Good For You”, which features A$AP Rocky and is trying so hard to be sexy, it kinda has the opposite effect and just makes me laugh really, really hard. Here, have a listen:

Premiering the song Elvis Duran’s Z100 morning show, Selena basically said she’s letting her music speak for her lately and express her innermost thoughts and feelings, because she has a “trust no bitch” mentality.

“If you’re going to sit here and talk about my life, I have a right to say what I want and obviously I’m going to do it the way I wish to. I don’t trust anyone. It’s something that I have to live with and I have to find the balance of who I want in my life and who isn’t good for me.”

“People are like, ‘We want you to be better!’ And everybody’s like ‘I want you to be better’ and everybody’s like ‘I want you to be healthy,’ ‘I want you to be happy,’ ‘I want you to be this.’ And then the moment you’re trying to find some sort of happiness, it’s so crazy. It’s not safe for anyone! You can’t talk about anything that you want to share with people because it’s going to be ripped apart, and that’s what makes me really sad.”

I don’t even know what to say. I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all, but sorry, I just can’t take her seriously.

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Taylor Swift Is “Elated” Over Getting Apple To Change Their Royalties Policy

taylor swift

This weekend, Taylor Swift took to her Tumblr account to explain that she wouldn’t be letting Apple Music  stream her latest album, 1989, since they weren’t paying artists, writers and producers during their 3-month trial period. She said she was doing it to stand up for all artists, and apparently it worked, because Apple has done a 180 and now WILL pay everyone during the trial period, after all.

iTunes CEO Eddy Cue took to Twitter to reveal the news, then spoke to Billboard to elaborate on the situation.

eddie cue

And from Billboard:

Cue elaborated that it was Swift’s letter that turned him around on the issue. “When I woke up this morning and saw what Taylor had written, it really solidified that we needed a change. And so that’s why we decide we will now pay artists during the trial period.”

Cue added that Apple had heard the same “concern from a lot of artists,” noting that it was “never our intent” to not compensate artists, rather they were planning to originally negotiate a higher royalty rate, which they will stick with.

Asked if Apple is eating the cost of the 90-day trial period, Cue said, “We’re certainly paying for it, yes. We’re all in.”

Once the decision was made by Cue and Apple CEO Tim Cook, Cue called Swift on the phone from her tour in Amsterdam. “I let her know that we heard her concerns and are making the changes. We have a long relationship with Taylor so I wanted her to hear directly from us.”

Swift’s reaction: “She was thrilled and very thankful and excited to see how quick we responded.”

Oh, I bet she’s thankful and excited. More money! In all seriousness, I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand, it’s a matter of principle. All artists deserve to be paid fairly for their work because, well, it’s their work. That’s what’s right. On the other hand, she has so much fucking money that any streaming royalties would be like chump change, so the fact that she’s moaning is vaguely obnoxious… but then I think about the fairness thing and I can’t really hate (and I do love TSwift, generally speaking).

Then again, a photographer has called her out for pretty much doing the same shit she’s accusing Apple of doing to her… so there’s that.

Anyway, Taylor’s happy:

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Janet Jackson Teases First New Song In Years

janet jackson

Janet Jackson‘s last album, Discipline, came out back in 2008, which is a long ass time to go without releasing new music. But the hiatus is now over, and she’s getting ready to go on a new tour and put out another album, called Unbreakable. In the meantime, she’s shared 43 seconds of what we can assume is a new song, or at least one we’ve never heard before, anyway.

No title – “Conversations In A Cafe” doesn’t really have a ring to it, I wouldn’t say – but it doesn’t matter. What do we think of Miss Jackson’s sound? Do you think it’ll do well?

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Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video Is Here & It’s A Star-Studded Katy Perry Shade Fest

bad blood

Taylor Swift has been teasing her epic “Bad Blood” video for the past week, gradually leaking her famous friends in superhero form that star alongside her in it. It’s been a long wait, but the video finally premiered during last night’s Billboard Music Awards and it’s basically a big budget, celebrity fueled, Katy Perry shade fest. And it’s glorious.

I don’t want to spoil too much for you, so I’ll just embed the video here for your enjoyment.

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Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video Is Coming & You Can’t Stop It

taylor swift bad blood

It’s about time for a new Taylor Swift single, and that single is going to be “Bad Blood”, which we all know by now was inspired by Katy Perry. They used to be friends, then they weren’t, and now there’s a song out of it. The video is due to be released soon, and Taylor revealed when you’ll finally be able to see it – as well as the inspiration behind the video – on Twitter yesterday.

Here’s what other scoop we got, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

Directed by Joseph Kahn, it is being billed as “a video includes multiple starring roles played by a cast of Golden Globe winners, Emmy winners, Grammy winners, an Oscar nominee, blockbuster movie stars, as well as both new and iconic supermodels.”

Huh, sounds… exciting. Kahn directed the “Style” video, as well, if that gives you any indication of his, er, style…

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Paris Hilton Releases New Single ‘High Off My Love’

paris hilton high off my love

Are you ready for new music from Paris Hilton? If the answer is “yes”, you’re in luck! If the answer is “no”, too bad because it’s here anyway. The new single from America’s former favourite socialite/”DJ” is called “High Off My Love” and features rapper Birdman, for some odd reason. It sounds like a Britney Spears B-Side, truth be told, and I don’t necessarily mean that as a compliment.

Before I say to much, and lest I spoil it for you, have a listen and try not to have a seizure.

So on a scale of 1 to “please God, take the gift of hearing from me”, just how bad do you think it is?

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