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Joke’s On You, Haters of The Hills!

For four years we’ve watched The Hills grow from a Laguna Beach spin-off to one of the highest rated shows on cable to a nearly unwatchable faux-reality snoozefest and last night it all came to an end. And it honestly was one of the best finale’s I’ve seen in a minute.

After wrapping up all of the story lines and addressing that pretty much everyone in the cast is ready to move on to a life without The Hills crew following them, the series ended with the above montage. Natasha Bedingfield sings a slow jammy version of the show’s theme over the cast members doing “moving on” type things, like hugging their boyfriends and looking happy and secure. We’re prepared to let them go knowing that they’re all about to go off and live life. Then they cut to the last thing we’ll ever see: Brody Jenner standing in front of the Hollywood sign, watching his ex-girlfriend Kristin leave for the airport. And then the background starts moving and a studio backlot is revealed. Kristin hops out of the car and she and Brody high-five as the camera lifts off of them and into one of those aerial shots that made up like, a third of the show.  Yo, they were in on their own bit.

The Hills started the week I moved to Los Angeles, and last week I celebrated my four year anniversary in this town. This show, lame as it is to say, has been a part of my life and experience here. I cried when Lauren and Heidi stopped being friends, guys. It was like that. So it meant a lot to me that the show ended this thoughtfully. I don’t think that when cameras first started rolling on the project that they ever knew it would take them to where it did, but that’s kind of the way things work here.

The Jersey Shore Boys Go Queer

Jersey Shore Boys Go Queer

These guys are far from my type (except for that one time when I was very, very seriously dating The Situation), but they are somebody’s type…. and most of those somebodies are gay men. Always quick to cash in on their “natural gifts” the Jersey boys stripped down and participated in a shoot for the cover of the Village Voice’s Queer Issue. Check out the guidolicious photos in the gallery…

Fine, Tom Cruise Won Me Over

I have been calling Tom Cruise crazy for years. It’s like my favorite thing to do. Pre-Oprah couch-jumping, I was really into learning about Scientology and that’s what really got me on the “Tom Cruise is mental” train. And then you know how sometimes you think that someone’s mental for so long that you forget that they’re talented? And when you’re watching them in movies you’re like, “Yeah, cool story, Banana Brains. I seen you jumping on couches and you ruined that girl from Dawson’s”? And so you know when you’re there with someone and you think you’re never going to go back and then they put something out there that blows your mind and you’re just like, “Fuck your craziness! Actually, I want to marry your craziness! I’d get crazy with your talented ass for days, boy!”

That’s how I feel about Tom Cruise playing his alter ego, Les Grossman, in these MTV Promos. I talked about it yesterday, but this new Risky Business one is what helped me work through these feelings and come out on the other side with a whole thought.

I got lost in his crazy, guys. That’s all. It’s fine if he believes in aliens and won’t let his wife talk during birth and he’s basically at the head of a pyramid scheme that’s ruined hundreds of thousands of lives. So the fuck what? I can still laugh!