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Miss America

And We Have Our First Indian American Miss America

nina davuluri indian american miss america

Nina Davuluri is the first ever Indian American Miss America. (Progress?) Always interesting to see who wins these kinds of pageants. Though Miss Davuluri is the first Indian American Miss America, she’s the second one in a row from NYC. Here’s a little more about her, from the LA Times:

Davuluri, 24, competed in outfits including an animal-print bikini (pardon us, swimsuit) and a bright yellow evening gown that she described as “the more sexy version” of Belle’s dress in “Beauty and the Beast.” In the talent portion of the evening, she delivered a Bollywood-style dance.

The “interviews” of the top five finalists — one question each — gave rise to varied responses, as the questions were all over the map. Judge Mario Cantone of “Sex and the City” fame asked Miss Oklahoma what she thought of Miley Cyrus’ recent twerk-filled VMAs performance [ed. note: seriously??], and judge Lance Bass of N*SYNC asked Miss Minnesota whether political candidates were carrying “Stand By Your Man” too far by supporting their spouses.

Oh but don’t worry, they got into Syria, too and even bigger, Julie Chen’s plastic surgery confession.

Did you watch? Who watches these?

sexy belle costume

This is what I think of when I hear “the more sexy version of Belle’s dress.”


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A New Miss America!

Congrats to Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007! Hopefully she will stay clean and sober…which I am guessing since these ladies tend to be much more wholesome than their Miss USA counterparts.

Honestly I think Miss America is much better than Miss USA. If you didn’t watch it you missed out. There was a tap number, and Mario Lopez. Take that Donald.

Miss America Pageant Tonight!

How did I miss this? I love the “Miss America Pageant!” Right now if you are reading this, switch on CMT (140 in NYC) because there is a reality program before the pageant called “Pageant School.” This is kind of awesome yet sad because this pageant used to run on network television. This year, “Miss America” is being broadcast from the ultra-classy Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

I love that this old school “scholarship competition” has turned into bad reality TV show in sin city.

I can’t wait until the winner gets involved in a scandal. Mario Lopez is the host and you know that he is enjoying his time with these ladies “behind the scenes.”

For more on tonight’s pageant go to the Miss America Website.