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Mirror Mirror

The Mirror, Mirror International Trailer Has Arrived

So, I already like this preview because of the grandpa-voice that’s narrating it. Doesn’t that just completely sell you on it, too? Who doesn’t have a soft spot in their hearts for good old movie-narrating grandpa that’s just a decibel away from being the scary-movie preview-announcer guy?

The film looks great, and Julia Roberts will probably be epic in this role, but Lily Collins‘ portrayal of Snow White, however, is mad cheesy. She’s just so “tee-hee” and “who me?” and before you get all crazy and say, “DUH, Sarah, it’s Snow White, what’s she supposed to be like?”, I’m going to stop you and respond that you’re absolutely right. 100% undeniably correct. And maybe that makes her perfect for this role, I don’t know. But then again, the original Disney Snow White character pissed me off, too, because she was way too big of a goody-goody, and maybe my childhood prejudices about miscast animated feature characters has lived with me these twenty-eight years on earth. It wouldn’t be the first time something like that’s happened, you know.

Mirror, Mirror is set to hit theaters on March 16, 2012. Will you be watching?

Here’s the Trailer for That Other Snow White Remake!

During the first few seconds of the Mirror, Mirror trailer, I thought “Ugh, cheesy.” Then I watched another minute or so, and I thought “Oh, cute!” and I think I really meant it. Julia Roberts, though I feel like I’m her only fan sometimes, is perfect for her role (even though I keep thinking of Tink in Hook), and Lily Collins is, well. Forgettable but sweet, I guess, but the production design and the general magicalness that permeates the set is kind of what’s got me hooked.

What do you guys think? Does it blow the ass out of the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer, or is it on a different plane altogether?