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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus to Be Idol Mentor Tonight on Fox

Tonight, Miley Cyrus is American Idol’s latest mentor.  For the contestants, thankfully,  not the children of Idol Gives Back or anything.  … I jest.

Miley is appearing on tonight’s Idol airing, 8 PM ET, to help the contestants prepare for life in the spotlight and will lend her musical expertise to the remaining eleven finalists.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato will perform their tween-saccharine-sweet-gag-me-anthem, “Make A Wave”, on the live results show tomorrow at 9 PM ET and Cyrus will be performing her hit “When I Look At You.”

No word on if Billy Ray will be skulking in the wings, prompting her to grind on the judges.

You Know, I Like Miley Cyrus More and More Each Day

Her most recent interview with Parade magazine is surprisingly mature and interesting. She doesn’t come off like an obnoxious teenager, and she doesn’t come off like a pretentious starlet. She sounds intelligent and thoughtful and oddly relateable. To be honest, the older she gets, the more Miley impresses me as a bona fide talent. She’s currently on the interview circuit for her upcoming flick, The Latest Song (which she filmed in Australia, which is where she met Liam). I’m very interested to see how she performs in her first “real” movie role. The trailer’s above, and, I’ll be honest — I like it.

Some highlights from her interview:

Finding unbiased love with Liam Helmsworth
“[Liam has] become my best friend in the whole wide world. I love him. He really respects me for who I am because coming from Australia, he really didn’t know me as the celebrity I am here. I got to tell him about myself on my own terms and my own way. He had no preconceived notion of who I was supposed to be.”

Her relationship with the ever-present paparazzi

“The other day I felt a little bit in danger for the first time because there were too many photographers following me in too many cars. And I have to ask myself, ‘Why would any other 50-year-old man who was stalking a 17-year-old girl go to jail, but not these guys? I’m not as American as anyone else?’ I mean, they couldn’t sit outside of a high school but they can sit outside my recording studio. It’s creepy.”

Knowing her faith
“The one thing I’m really strong about regarding my religious beliefs is that you should know a little bit about everything before you define your own beliefs. I think all religions have a good practice in them. Liam and I have been reading about Buddhism lately and it’s all about hope and love. To me, faith is about having a clean slate and a clean start.”

And what does she think about ditching Hannah Montana?

“What I am sure about is I’m going to rejoice and be happy to finally not have to be … well, to not be somebody I’m not exactly,” she says. “”As I’ve grown into it, I’ve grown out of it,” she says. “When I was 12, I thought, ‘I want to be famous all the time! I want everybody to recognize me! … [But] I hate being thought of as a product. I am not a doll, and people want to treat me that way… I’m older now. I have an opinion. I have my own taste.”

I love it! Just don’t develop a taste for cocaine, pretty please? I want you to be like the Lindsay Lohan who never gets hooked on drugs. TEAM MILEY!

Miley Cyrus Reminds Us That Teenagers Are Idiots About Love

Miley Cyrus is 17 years old, so it makes sense that she hasn’t exactly figured out the whole dating game. Or, you know, not-game. The unfortunate  thing about that is that she makes statements to the press about her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth like, “I think when you’re trying to play it cool and you’re like, ‘Oh, I won’t text back for like the next hour,’ that’s when you know it’s more serious. You have no idea how many times I was like, ‘Oh he called. I’m not going to call back tomorrow.’ When it gets confusing and you’re over thinking it, you must really like someone.”

At the press junket for her movie The Last Song, Miley talked about her co-star turned boyfriend quite a bit. She also said, “My parents are a little loco. We have five [kids] and my mom and my dad and my grandma plus like my 10,000 dogs – so if you love me after you see my lifestyle then you’re good. You’re a keeper.”

I don’t know if anyone’s taking dating advice and life tips from Miley Cyrus, but let me throw this out there to those who are considering it: If you’re playing games with a guy so that he thinks you’re cool, you don’t really like him. Or rather, you’re terrified of finding out that he doesn’t like you. Most classic mistake in the game. And don’t call your parents “loco” in an interview when you’re 17. It makes you look like a spoiled brat.

The Oscars – The Dresses (Part II)

Things get a little dicey in this batch.

Vera Farmiga (above) may have had the worst dress of the night. The giant maroon doilies sewn together look like the fabric embodiment of this site’s namesake (an evil beet) ingested someone’s grandmother.

Zoe Saldana wasn’t faring much better. She either crawled inside one of last month’s Mardi Gras floats or got in a fight with an ostrich in a Peeps factory… and lost.

Anna Kedrick’s gown was an utterly gorgeous concoction of flowing, diaphanous pale pink, and Pussyfoot (Amanda Seyfried) was stunning in a roll of quilted Charmin.

Miley Cyrus also managed to look really pretty, but since she had the unenviable task of standing next to Seyfried while presenting, wound up looking a little unkempt by comparison.

Also in this group: Deborah Ann Woll, Demi Moore, Diane Kruger, Kathy Ireland, and Mariah Carey.

I’ll Watch Anything That Lionel Richie Is Involved In

Oh, hey guys. I don’t know how I missed this yesterday, but I should have totally posted it. It’s the video for We Are The World 25, a remake of the classic celebrity collaboration that was recorded to benefit Haiti. It’s a really crappy, elevator-type song but you know, it’s one of those things you have to watch once because everyone famous ever is in it. Also, it’s kind of hilarious. I laugh every single time I see Josh Groban’s face. And the parts with Enrique Iglesias, Celine Dion and Wyclef are pretty lulzy as well.

And Now For Something Completely Inappropriate

Miley Cyrus’ little cousin Emily Grace Reaves (you may recognize her as Noie Cyrus’ partner in red carpet crime) is about to release her own clothing line of scandalous clothes for little girls. You can see in the video above as she explains to Miley that she’s wearing her own look that she has on what looks like Paris Hilton’s cast offs from The Simple Life. These clothes wouldn’t be appropriate for Halloween on a girl as young as Emily, but I suppose that’s what’s passing for clothes these days. Question to all the parents out there (even though I already know the answer): Would you let your little girl be caught dead with an outfit like this on? Check out the pictures below if the video isn’t enough for you.