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Miley Cyrus Swarmed By Paparazzi, I Actually Feel Badly For Her

There’s this video going around today of Miley Cyrus bitching out the paparazzi after she leaves a Thai restaurant with Demi Lovato and I think the common opinion might be that she’s acting like her bratty self, but I actually felt a little sad for her while watching this.

Here’s the scenario: Miley arrived alone to the restaurant and valeted her car. As she was walking in to meet her friend, she kind of snapped at a couple of the photogs. There’s some video of Miley and Demi talking over dinner and from the look on Miley’s face, they’re discussing something very teenage and dramatic. I kept thinking that they looked like any two normal girlfriends eating dinner and complaining about the men in their life or what have you. After they were done eating, Demi and Miley left the restaurant together and the cameras started flashing. This is where things get a little bit uncomfortable for me.

After a moment or two of letting the paps have their way with them, Miley asks them to put their cameras down. Of course it was in her typical “10-year-old-birthday-girl-meets-a-raptor” tone, but it doesn’t take much to realize that she’s just over having her picture taken in that moment. Then Miley pulled her jacket over her face and stood next to a bush while she continued to wait for her car.

That’s so sad, you guys. I mean, in the grand scheme of things it’s certainly not that bad, but can you imagine hiding under your jacket in the bushes because a dozen grown men are sticking cameras in your faces and calling out things to antagonize you? And this is far from the worst paparazzi footage we’ve seen. I can’t imagine that it’s too big of a leap from this to freaking out on someone with an umbrella.

Miley Cyrus Splashes Around With Her New Beau

Miley Cyrus and Douglas Booth Filming LOL

Quick rant: We’ve talked a little bit about how Miley Cyrus is currently filming a movie called LOL: Laughing Out Loud, but can we talk about how lame that movie title is? In a world where we’re making movies about Facebook, do we really need to subtitle a film called LOL “Laughing Out Loud”? Wouldn’t you say that if someone is going to go see a movie starring Miley Cyrus that they most likely already know what “LOL” means in Internet-speak? And if they’re just finding out what it means from a movie title, wouldn’t you think that they’re maybe somewhat of a lost cause? How long has the old Elle Oh Elle been floating around out there in our universe? Upwards of a decade?

ANNNNYYYYWAY! We showed you pictures of Miley getting her freak on at the club, so now I’ll show you some photos of Miley getting her flirt on in a puddle. The dude she’s with, Douglas Booth, is her LOL co-star and supposedly her new boyfriend. The two were snapped filming a scene for the movie and yeah, it looks like they’re pretty close.

And speaking of LOLs and Douglas Booth, how completely tragic is that dude’s name? “Douglas Booth” sounds like a fictional nerd’s name. Sadface.

Young Lass Miley Cyrus Goes Clubbing in Paris

photo of miley cyrus possibly drunk and dancing in the club

Tell me that doesn’t look like someone in the throes of E, and I’ll laugh at you for not knowing the signs. I’m kidding. Not only have I never taken E, I don’t think I’ve ever been around someone on E, but I’ve heard they’re rather … fun.

Anyway, Miley Cyrus is in France filming her latest movie LOL, which features the underage star drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and losing her virginity — and that’s just in the movie. God knows what she’s doing in real life, especially in old Paree. I’ve heard that young girls do strange things when they’re on holiday in Paris, because Paris is, like, the most romantic city on the face of the earth to them dontyouknow.

Regardless. This girl’s definitely on something, I’m sticking to that. Maybe it’s E, maybe it’s “just alcohol,” but either way, she’s fucked way up. Hannah Montana forever, motherfuckers.

Want to See Miley Cyrus Mouthing Off To Her Mother?

This fun video of Miley Cyrus behind the scenes at one of her shows has surfaced today. It starts off with her talking to the camera while checking herself out in the mirror. She asks us (the audience, of course), if we want to hear her crack her knuckles and before we can even answer, she does it. Her mother Tish, who is essentially a joke and just there to pick up her paycheck, immediately scolds her and swats her on the hand. Miley responds to this by telling her mom she’s going to call Child Protective Services. Then her mom slaps her on the butt and says she’ll keep disciplining Miley as long as she needs to. Miley responds to this by freak dancing with one of her dancers in the mirror and sloppily rapping about her love of singing. Seriously. Her mom hits her, and then she starts grinding her ass into some dude and rapping. It’s like a cartoon version of the Miley we imagine her to be.

The girl’s almost 18. Her disrespect isn’t really interesting anymore. She’s too old for me to be fascinated by how rude she is to her parents. At this point I just feel kind of sad for her. She’s almost an adult, it’s pretty pathetic that she still hasn’t learned what a turn-off her bossy attitude is to fans and spectators alike.

Miley Cyrus Wants A Boob Job

Miley, still just 17, has reportedly asked her parents to consent to the plastic surgery to take her up to a D-cup.  Here’s the original story from Star:

“The only thing Miley Cyrus likes less than a flat note is a flat chest. She’s already seen a plastic surgeon and aims to up her cups to Holly Madison proportions, a source tells Star. Miley is intent on getting a boob job, and she’s insisting her parents sign the consent form, which is required since she’s still 17 years old,” notes the source. “Billy Ray and Tish are letting her go for it. She’s beyond their control, anyway.”

Since this is from Star, there’s a good chance it’s nonsense, but I’m not sure.  I think this definitely sounds like something that Miley would do.  With all the on stage grinding and pole-dancing this girl has been doing in the past year, implants seem like a logical next step.

I would make a joke about how Miley can’t be tamed, but it just seems sad at this point.

What Movies Does Miley Hate?

Although the Twilight cast has copped to enjoying her, Miley Cyrus is once again mouthing off about how much she can’t stand the vampire saga. Miley was quoted as saying, “I’d rather keep the dead and revolting things like vampires and werewolves out of my life,” and while I don’t believe that’s totally true (I mean, have you seen her brother?), I agree that Twilight is completely unappealing.

So who do you think is better (or worse)? Miley or Twilight?

Turns Out Preteens Don’t Get The New Miley

When Miley Cyrus ditched that whole Disney image, she apparently left a lot of her fans behind too.  Sales for “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley’s racy new album, are kind of pathetic for her – the album sold 72% less copies than her debut album, “Breakaway,” did in its first week. This drastic drop can be at least somewhat attributed to confusing her young fans.  The New York Times spoke with Perry Hamm, an 11-year-old girl, about Miley’s new image:

“I don’t know what was going on in her head. I feel like she acts 25. She looks so old. She is too old for herself.”

Too old for herself indeed.

I think this is a fine line.  Miley’s 17, so she’s not that little Hannah Montana bitch anymore, and I can’t blame her for wanting to do her own thing.  On the other hand, she does (or did, as the case may be) have a remarkable amount of children who look up to her.  What do you guys think?  Should Miley just do what she feels or mellow out for the kids?