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Miley Cyrus

Just Bein’ Miley: Miley Cyrus Calls A Paparazzo A Bitch

miley cyrus hardcore

Miley Cyrus is so hardcore, you guys. This isn’t the same Miley we’ve grown to love tolerate. And you know what? I like this new Miley better. This Miley isn’t taking crap, and I though I don’t think her approach was classy, she was justified in her anger and the, ah, spirit of her message when she cursed at a paparazzo. The story from Gossip Cop:

The “We Can’t Stop” singer was swarmed by photographers upon exiting a medical building in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. One paparazzo asked the singer, “Miley are you pregnant?” to which Cyrus shot back, “No, I’m f-cking sick you bitch!”


Ms. Cyrus is reportedly sick with laryngitis.

Here’s video of the whole thing. In case you really, really need to see it.

Sacrilege! Miley Cyrus Thinks Her Old Music Was “Irritating”

miley cyrus

Miley, girl, I’m trying to stick with you. I want to be there for you through this difficult time but you’re not making it easy, especially when you think your new music is great and start talking shit about your old stuff, which was POP GOLD. Hello, ‘Party In the USA’? ‘See You Again’? ‘The Climb’? I don’t think I need to go on here.

From Billboard:

“Right now, when people go to iTunes and listen to my old music, it’s so irritating to me because I can’t just erase that stuff and start over,” she says. “My last record [2009's EDM-inflected Can't Be Tamed] I feel so disconnected from-I was 16 or 17 when I made it. When you’re in your 20s, you just don’t really know that person anymore.”

Cyrus herself says, “I want to start as a new artist. I consider my upcoming album my first, really.”

Well, Miley, that’s called growing up. I love that she acts like all of these realisations are brand new to the human race and no one else has ever been through them. Everyone thinks the teenage version of themselves is totally cornball – that’s just the way these things work. I don’t expect her to think her old shit was amazing (it was pretty gold standard in places, as far as pop music goes) but don’t hate on it, girl. Those songs and your past are the reason you can afford to make shitty “music” now and sit on your ass doing Molly and smoking weed while you “find yourself“.

Now, let’s relive ‘Party In the USA’ and try to forget that locker room interview she did after this came out when she said she has never listened to Jay-Z and didn’t know anything about rap because she’s so country. LOL!

Miley Cyrus ‘Found Herself’ Recording New Album

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We all know Miley Cyrus is going through some shit, as reflected in her new “music”. If single ‘We Can’t Stop’ is anything to go by (as well as all the “Liam left her because she’s a party animal stories), she spends much of her time doing drugs, drinking and twerking. As you do at that age, I guess? I don’t know, that was never my scene. In any case, Miley wants us all to know that in the process of her rebirth as the poor man’s white Rihanna, she found herself and got in contact with her spirit’s essence or some bullshit.

Tell Billboard (via DS) all your feels, Miley:

“I’m not the same person I was six months ago – I’m not even the same person I was two weeks ago.

“It’s not like I’m losing who I am – I actually found out more about who I am by making this music.”

The singer unveiled her new single ‘We Can’t Stop’ earlier this month, which serves as the lead cut from her upcoming fourth studio album.

Cyrus added that she has “given everything” during the recording process for the LP.

“I never stop working, ever,” she admitted. “I want my record to be the biggest record in the world, and I’ve given everything to get here, even down to friends and family and relationships – I’ve just put this music first.”

Oh snap! She gave RELATIONSHIPS to this album. Is she admitting that she’s no longer with Liam, even though she keeps insisting she’s engaged? Does ‘We Can’t Stop’ even count as music? Can songs about shaking your ass and taking Molly really be life-changing? So many questions, so little caring about the actual answers.

Amanda Bynes Is Sorry For Calling Everyone Ugly… Except For Drake, Sort Of

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes may or may not be faking this whole insanity thing (nope, she’s not), and she’s starting to want to make amends with all the people she’s called ugly. Well, at least Miley Cyrus and Drake… sorta.

Here’s the scoop: After Amanda insulted Miley for no apparent reason, Miley responded, saying:

“I was rooting for her comeback until she started attacking me. And I just thought it was hilarious that she mentioned my name the moment I was the worldwide trending topic on Twitter.”

Okay, first of all, there’s nothing “hilarious” about that – that’s you having your head up your own ass, Miley. You know what else is a trending topic on Twitter right this second? #BugünMilyonlarKAZLIÇE?MEDE – and I don’t see who/whatever the hell that is getting all huffy. Anyway, that’s besides the point. Amanda apparently had a change of heart and said that now Miley’s one of the prettiest:

Well, that’s… special. And even Perez Hilton got an apology! And I don’t even think he deserved one!

Unfortunately, Drake was left out in the cold and in fact she re-stated her earlier insistence that he’s one ugly dude. But wait! She’s had ANOTHER change of heart and now Drake’s back in her good books now, as well.

I don’t know what’s going on, but whatever. We’ll probably never find out.

Poor Miley Cyrus: Billy Ray and Tish Are Getting a Divorce

miley cyrus billy ray cyrus tish cyrus

I think it’s pretty clear that Miley Cyrus has been… shall we say, “going through some shit” lately, which is manifesting in her love of twerking and her insistence on writing shitty songs about doing drugs and being in the club. You know, standard early 20-something nonsense that we love her for regardless, I suppose. Anyhow, if the album’s not done and dusted, expect a few heartfelt emotional ballads about the difficulty of life as you know it changing forever, because Billy Ray and Tish – her parents, that is – are getting a divorce.

From TMZ:

Billy Ray’s wife, Tish Cyrus, is citing “irreconcilable differences” in her filing.  Her decision to pull the plug on the marriage comes 3 years after Billy Ray filed for divorce but dropped it in an attempt to work things out.

Billy Ray and Tish have been married for 19 years and have 5 children, including, of course, Miley.  There’s only one minor child left, Noah Cyrus, who is 13.  Tish is asking for full physical and legal custody, with visitation to Billy Ray.

Tish is also asking for spousal support, and she wants him to pay her attorney’s fees.  The date of separation is listed as TBD.

Tish tells TMZ, “This is a personal matter and we are working to find a resolution that is in the best interest of our family. We ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

A few hours ago, Miley tweeted @billyraycyrus, “since your texts and email obviously aren’t working would you like to talk like this?”

Interesting … when Billy Ray filed the first time he had said Miley’s fame compromised their family.

LOL Damn, how’s Billy Ray gonna ignore Miley’s texts like that? He acts like he’s got any other kind of meal ticket. Don’t even fool yourself in thinking that there is any royalty money left in ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, because there just isn’t, and Noah’s early attempts at pole dancing her way to fame as a 9-year-old clearly didn’t pan out, so he’d better hang on for dear life. (And yes, I’m being sarcastic, for those of you unaware of the concept.)

At the end of the day, shit happens, people get divorced, yada yada. Let’s just hope this doesn’t spiral Miley into a whole new level of insanity.

Miley Publicly Insists She’s Engaged

miley cyrus with fans photo

Miley Cyrus hasn’t said anything definitive about her alleged breakup with Liam Hemsworth until today. In a radio interview with Hot 99.5 in D.C., Ms. Cyrus responded to the DJ’s inquiry about her and Justin Bieber being romantically involved with a big fat,

I’m ENGAGED! I’m engaged. That is impossible.

(Thanks to TMZ for the transcript.) Engaged in what, Miley? Engaged in battle? Engaged in combat? Engaged at warp speed? I believe now 100% that this blind item is about Miley and Liam.

A Bieber/Cyrus/Hemsworth triangle sounds about eleventy-billion times worse than the ridiculous Jones/Cyrus/Hemsworth triangle.

Amanda Bynes’ Newest ‘Ugly’ Target: Miley Cyrus

amanda b

Amanda Bynes is notorious for calling people ugly, and no one is off limits. From Perez Hilton to Drake to her own father, she has serious opinions on those who aren’t up to par aesthetically, and her newest target is Miley Cyrus.

Taking to her Twitter page (where else?) on Tuesday, Amanda posted a photo of Miley and @ messaged her to let her know she hasn’t been touched by beauty.  Oh, snap!

amanda bynes

Damn, that’s cold. Miley hasn’t responded thus far (and if she’s smart, she won’t) but what the hell prompted that? Not that crazy really needs a reason, but it did seem rather random, even for Amanda. But for all those haters, she has one thing to say: