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Michelle Williams

3Quotables: Jason Segel Really Wants to Be Happy With Michelle Williams

photo of michelle williams and jason segel dating pics
“I think we would just very much like to be happy. That’s all I’m going to say about it. … I think I might even be becoming a man-man … potentially!”

—What Jason Segel had to say during a joint interview with co-star Emily Blunt on dating Michelle Williams and his romantic “evolution.”

Sources close to Jason and Michelle also spilled to Us Magazine about just how serious the relationship is becoming:

… Insiders told Us that Segel “has been trying to be more of a grown-up lately” to show his “commitment” to Williams, single mom to daughter Matilda. “He is taking care of himself more, exercising, eating right and dressing better. Basically, not acting like a frat boy anymore.”

Friends for years via mutual pal Busy Philips, the couple’s relationship “kind of happened overnight!” another pal marveled.

I want this to work out—I really and truly do. And honestly, I didn’t even know that Jason had a reputation for being a frat boy. I know that pretty much all men go through their phases, but Jason is thirty-two years old, and he’s had a pretty serious acting career for a minute now. Yeah, he played roles in movies like Dead Man on Campus, Slackers, and SLC Punk!, and had roles like “Watermelon guy,” Smelly Bob,” and “Frat Boy,” but I never for a second pegged him as a watermelon-toting, smelly frat douche that had a wreck of an apartment somewhere seedy, you know? He always kind of struck me as having his shit together, even though he did look like this the other day:

photo of jason segel pictures photos 2012 michelle williams phone pic
No, I can definitely see that Jason is taking this relationship with Michelle Williams so seriously that he’s willing to clean up his act—and his ass. And I think that’s great, because I definitely love these two together pretty hard. Now if boyfriend can continue to shower on the regular and maybe move out of his mom’s basement (I’m totally kidding; I have no idea if he lives in her basement—he could very well have a cozy little abode in her attic or something), then there’s definitely some progress we’re going to see in action, and isn’t that fun?

April 18, 2012 at 12:30 pm by Sarah

1You Guys, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Are in Love!

A photo of Michelle Williams and Jason Segel

Doesn’t this just fill your heart with so much happiness? Don’t you just smile your face off at the thought of this lovely couple? Admittedly, I spend a lot of time perusing celebrity gossip, and I’m also definitely one of those people who can’t help but smile when I see an old couple holding hands in the grocery store or a some lady loving on her baby or, uh, a dog or something, so I’m probably more likely to spend time squeeing over this whole thing than many people. But still, you have to find some sort of joy in this, right?

If so, then you’re in luck! Us Weekly‘s cover story is about the new love between Michelle Williams and Jason Segel, and Celebitchy was awesome enough to break the story down into convenient points:

*On March 25, Michelle and Jason Segel had an early dinner in the Brooklyn restaurant Rucola. “Jason had his arm around her,” said a source. Four friends joined them for the meal, and Jason paid the check.

*A source close to Jason says that “romantically, this kind of happened overnight!”

*After Heath died, Michelle said she “felt like a walking open wound.” A source close to Ledger says, “She was caught up in a big tornado and she had a lot to recover from.”

*Michelle really likes Jason. A source close to Michelle says, “Jason is supersweet. He makes Michelle laugh and feel good about herself.” And Jason is good with Matilda too.

*Michelle is already telling friends that she “loves” Jason.

*Busy Phillips set them up. Busy talked up Jason to Michelle, then she set up a dinner between the three of them, and Busy left “conspicuously early.” After Busy left, Michelle and Jason sat there for hours drinking, talking and laughing.

*When Jason was in New York in March, he stayed with Michelle in her Brooklyn brownstone.

*Source: “Michelle doesn’t do flings. Every person she gets involved with is someone she can entertain the possibility of spending the rest of her life with.”

*Russell Brand once referred to Jason Segel (who apparently was/is a two-pack-a-day chain smoker) as “a falcon among gulls when it comes to womanizing.”

*Michelle finds Jason charming, romantic, funny and kind. Jason reportedly has “curbed” his bad habits – “He has made an effort to clean up his act… he’s been trying to be more of a grownup lately. He is taking care of himself more, exercising, eating right and dressing better. Basically, not acting like a frat boy anymore.”

*Jason thinks Michelle is “classy.” He was worried about introducing her to his friends because he doesn’t want anything to go wrong.

*She dated Spike Jonze from summer 2008 to late 2009. A source says, “When she met Spike, she was alone, sad and crying often.”

*At some point, Michelle seriously considering marrying a platonic friend – “They didn’t really have strong feelings for each other…it was so Matilda could have more stability and a father.”

*After that, Michelle began dating “a–holes who didn’t treat her right,” says an insider. One of those “a–holes,” according to the source, was Cary Fukunaga. They broke up, according to this pro-Michelle source, because Cary “didn’t want to step up and be a stepfather to Matilda. He was just looking for an unserious situation.”

*Michelle also hooked up with a cinematographer in Michigan (while she was working on Oz: The Great and Powerful) last year.

Well, I’m going to be smiling my face off for the rest of the evening. About the parts where Michelle and Jason love each other and are so good for each other, not about the parts where Michelle was sad and having troubles with romance. What about you?

April 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm by Emily

0Even More Evidence That Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Are Dating!

A photo of Michelle Williams and Jason Segel

I know, I know, like we actually needed any more proof that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are dating after those photos Sarah showed you yesterday of those two beautiful lovebirds holding hands and being the most adorable thing that ever happened. But now that we know this couple actually exists, I’m pretty certain that it’s not going to take much at all for us to tell you guys about them. It’ll be like “Michelle and Jason went to dinner? Type it up!” and “BREAKING: Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Eskimo Kiss!” So prepare to get bombarded with the precious, that’s all I’m saying.

Ok, and now here’s where I show you the additional evidence, all right? Brace yourselves, because it’s really, really sweet:

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams certainly would make a hip, hot couple.

Earlier this month the How I Met Your Mother star asked his Twitter followers “a totally hypothetical question” to find out, “If I fell in love would you guys be happy?” (He’s since deleted the tweet.)

His followers answered with a resounding yes. “We don’t even know each other and you guys want me to be happy,” he tweeted, and has also since deleted. “I’m not being sarcastic at all when I say that actually means a lot.”

So was Jason talking about the My Week With Marilyn star?

Michelle’s rep had “no comment” on the actress’ rumored relationship, but pictures snapped by Us Weekly sure look lovey-dovey to us!

Oh my gosh. “If I fell in love, would you guys be happy?” Is that a real thing that happened, or are they just trying to play with our hearts now? Sarah said it, many of you guys said it, and now I get the chance to say it: IS THIS THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER OR WHAT?

March 29, 2012 at 7:30 am by Emily

3Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Are Definitely Dating

photo of michelle williams dating jason segel pictures photos pics
I’m so glad this is a true thing. So glad. Because now Michelle Williams has a nice man in her life who can take her to the places she deserves to go, and frankly, Matilda deserves to have a good, stable father figure in her life, too. The above and below photos are exclusive to Us magazine, who has even more details about the new couple’s shacking-up-ness.

From Us:

The demure three-time Oscar nominee, 31, has fallen for longtime pal Jason Segel, a source confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. “They are smitten and very serious,” the source says of the My Week With Marilyn star and Segel, 32. (The actress split from Heath Ledger five months before his death in 2008.)

The unexpected new couple was photographed taking a romantic stroll after a meal at Frankie’s Spuntino in Brooklyn March 24. “He put his arm around her and made her laugh as they walked,” says a witness. “[They] seemed very relaxed.”

The next day, How I Met Your Mother star Segel was snapped bonding with Matilda, Williams’ 6-year-old daughter, as she went for a ride on her scooter.

Friends for years through Williams’ BFF and Segel’s Freaks and Geeks costar Busy Philipps, their relationship only recently turned romantic.

They dined (and giggled) at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont Feb. 27, and then shared supper at West Hollywood’s Comme Ca March 16.

Although they live on different coasts, the Brooklyn-based actress and L.A. denizen are “trying to make it work,” the source says. “She hasn’t been this happy in a long time.”

So nice, right? Isn’t it nice that we, despite all of the celebrity-related f-ckery that surrounds us on a daily basis, can moon over a nice, nice couple? Because they’re nice, guys. They’re really, really nice. I haven’t been this excited about a celebrity pairing in I don’t know how long, and it’s A NICE THING, let me tell you. (These guys are really nice together, I guess that’s the gist of what I’m saying, if you’re picking up what I’m laying down.)

March 28, 2012 at 10:30 am by Sarah

6New Couple Alert: Michelle Williams and … Jason Segel?

photo of michelle williams and jason segel pictures photos
Oh. My God. I love this. I love this! Lainey Gossip has got the exclusive gossip that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel might be doing things together – and maybe even each other! Do you NOT love this? How could you not love this? Check out the news:

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel looked like they were on a date last week at Chateau Marmont. At first they were there with Busy Phillips. Busy left early. Michelle and Jason stayed on their own for a few hours after. She was in great spirits. He made her laugh a lot. They drank several glasses of wine, she chained off several cigarettes, seemed very relaxed, and happy.

He paid at around 1:30am and was convincing her to stay out. She kept protesting like it was too late and he was all – what? This is early! And after giggling together, she seemed to agree. The two exited together through the side …

Apparently Jason lives right behind the hotel. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Wow. Like I said, I just love it! I really never get excited like this over a coupling, but this? It’s just awesome. I want these two to be together forever, and Jason could be little Matilda’s doting little stepdad and take her and her dollies for ice cream dates, and they could have more children and take them for pizza in quaint towns in the summertime and they could vacation at quiet mountain resorts and raise their children under the radar and have grandbabies and grow old together and die just like Allie and Noah did in The Notebook? Wouldn’t that be just GREAT? I AM LOVING THIS SO HARD.

Oh, and I hope it’s all true, too, you know. I mean, obviously.

March 5, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah

4Let’s Talk About Michelle Williams For A Minute

A photo of Michelle Williams

Really, I want to talk about Michelle Williams‘ daughter, Matilda, for a minute, but I guess we can talk about Michele specifically for a minute too, if you’d like. But save it, ok? I really want to talk about Matilda right now.

She looks so much like her father, doesn’t she? I feel like you could find some pictures of Heath Ledger as a child, sketch in some longer hair, and you could have little Matilda here. Consider my mind blown, friends, and also, consider me a little sad. Could you even imagine how adorable it would be to see Heath Ledger today, playing with his tiny little lookalike, having a ball? Ugh. Pardon me for being entirely too obvious, but death sucks, huh?

To lighten up the mood a little bit, let’s discuss the fashion of a six-year-old, all right? What happened to her awesome red pants after Michelle picked her up? Where do you think I can find a sweater like hers? Is it weird that I’m coveting a six-year-old’s sweater? Let’s talk about the issues!

March 1, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Emily
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