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Michael Vick

Michael Vick Continues to Get Work


I’ve already been through this before.  After serving time for heading up an illegal dog-fighting ring, Michael Vick got a well-paying job.  Then he began to re-establish his relationship with Nike.  Of course, Nike denies they are paying Vick any money.  They are just providing him with free equipment which will be seen on television every week and will probably increase bottom line sales, but it’s not an endorsement deal.

Now BET is in on the action.  Vick will star in an eight-episode reality show that will document his life post-jail.  The network promises not to downplay his crime and conviction and the football player hopes that it will give the public an opportunity to get to know him better.

Here’s the question:  Do you feel any urge or desire to get to know Michael Vick better?

Michael Vick Continues To Not Feel Consequences


Remember when Michael Vick was first arrested for the illegal dogfighting?  He pled guilty and headed off to jail and I think most of us thought that he was done with.  We should have known better.

After his stint in the slammer, Michael Vick landed a multi-million dollar job with the Philadelphia Eagles and is now on the roster, at the cost of Hank Bassett.  This newest development floors me, however.  Nike has taken him back.

Two years ago, Nike ended their endorsement deal with Vick quicker than you can expect the Kardashian-Odom union to end.  Now, they are back together.  Though they aren’t revealing details of the deal, Vick will be wearing Nike gear again and getting paid for it.  Wait — doesn’t Nike make dog tags?

What’s the lesson to learn about famous people?  If you pay your debt to society, and earnestly apologize, it really doesn’t matter what you do.  You will be forgiven.  The end.

UPDATE: According to Reuters, Nike denies an endorsement deal.  They are providing equipment to Vick, but are not paying him.  Hmm.

Vick Is In; Baskett Gets The Boot


I don’t know why these sports stories can’t break when Kelly is working, but this one is pretty straightforward — no sports knowledge needed.

Michael Vick, the quarterback who was recently released from prison for illegal dogfighting, has been put on the roster for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was on their exempt list, but now is allowed to practice with and play for the team.  Hey, he did apologize!  Of course, bringing Vick in meant someone had to go.  Who got the boot?  Kendra Wilkinson’s husband, Hank Baskett!

What will Hank and Kendra do with a baby on the way?  Will Hank get picked up by another team?  How will Kendra handle this stress in the final months of her pregnancy?  Did she do that stupid laugh when she heard the news?  We gotta pray that Kendra stays on the air so we can get all these questions (and more!) answered.