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Michael Phelps

OK, Now I Really Hate This Miss California Bitch


Listen, it’s no secret around here that I’m pro-gay-marriage (which I like to call being pro-equal-rights). So of course I firmly disagreed with Miss California’s decision to speak out against gay marriage in the Miss USA competition last night. I vehemently disagree with Carrie Prejean, but it took balls for her to stay true to her beliefs in a room that you better believe was jam-packed with gay men. I suppose there is a teeeeensy tiny bit of credit due there. She tells Access Hollywood today: “I stated an opinion that was true to myself and that’s all I can do. It is a very touchy subject and he [Perez] is a homosexual and I see where he was coming from and I see the audience would’ve wanted me to be more politically correct. But I was raised in a way that you can never compromise your beliefs and your opinions for anything.” Personally, I think that every now and then it’s okay to compromise your beliefs when they imply that an entire class of citizens should be treated as lesser because of who they choose to love. But that’s just me.

You know what’s even less of a secret than my support for gay marriage? MY LOVE FOR MICHAEL PHELPS. And this is where Carrie Prejean and I are really going to have a problem. She’s dating him. THAT HATEFUL BITCH. Access Hollywood bugged her to talk about him, but she demured. “He is a great man,” she says, adding, “We can talk about that a different day.”

Hey, Carrie Prejean, I’m gonna go ahead and introduce some legislation that bans beauty queens from marrying anyone I have a crush on. I just think it’s so wrong. It disgusts me. That’s just what I was raised to believe, so look for it on your 2010 ballot.

Phelpsy’s Mom Says She’s to Blame!

Debbie Phelps a Mother for All Seasons Book Cover

Yes, of course Phelpsy’s mom “wrote” a book. She has definitely earned a book deal. Look what her vagina has accomplished! All those laps in the Olympic pool were practically being swum by her labia. The book is called A Mother for All Seasons, and of course right now her media machine is hyping it up by focusing on what is probably the only even marginally interesting portion of this opus — Michael Phelps’ painfully persistent drug and alcohol problem.

In A Mother for All Seasons, Debbie Phelps speaks out for the first time about her shock at seeing the human side of her golden boy, when Star released pictures of Michael smoking pot in January, Debbie was “not happy” about his “disappointing, uncharacteristic behavior,” she writes. But the bust was also “déjà vu all over again.” Michael’s 2004 DUI arrest had been her first major disappointment as a mom.

“Nothing like this had ever happened with him,” Debbie writes. “It was unreal — like something out of a horror movie — with TV clips of jail cell doors slamming ominously shut, dooming the life and career of one golden boy turned loser.”

But, Debbie says, she never blamed Michael — only herself. “I was sure that I could have done something to better prepare Michael to make better choices.” And after the details of the incident emerged, she says, she had more understanding. “He actually had tried to get someone else to drive after he had a few drinks,” Debbie reveals. “Apparently someone in the crowd made a crack about not giving the keys to his brand-new Range Rover to someone else.”

In the end, however, the details didn’t matter. “Michael was clearly mortified.” And Debbie had to take a week off of work. “I stayed out of sight, hibernating at a friend’s house, crying my eyes out.”

I can completely understand how awful this experience must have been for Debbie, but I’m firmly of the belief that all the mothering in the world can’t change the way your children interact with substance, and how they behave when they’re under the influence. You can set a good example and you can let them know the facts, but that’s where your role ends. These were Michael’s choices, and it’s so sad that his mother had to suffer as a result. Hopefully it will result in him making better choices in the future, although somehow I doubt that. We’ll see another DUI out of that Phelps kid yet, mark my words.

Hey, Mom! When are you going to write a book about raising me??? That shit’ll put Debbie Phelps’ drama to SHAME! (To this day, my mother insists that I was a very easy teenager to raise. This is because my mother has repressed those memories. I was about as easy to raise as Hugh Hefner’s penis. It took a team!) I keep telling my mother she should have a weekly column on here. She always says no. Maybe I should have my grandpa do one? He has OPINIONS.

Phelpsy’s Free!


Hoorah! Micheal Phelps is free to swim once again after his pot-induced suspension. He came out of the incident mostly unharmed, only losing one endorsement (Kellogg’s) but he’s “angry” about how the incident was portrayed in the tabloids. If he was angry about that, imagine how pissed he’s gonna be in a few months with the ish is legal anyway! When asked about how he felt about the media reaction Phelps said

“I have come to realize that people want to bring you up but more people want to bring you down.”

Wise words from a wise man a.k.a a ripper of massive bongs. This is the exact kind of philosophical verbal meandering that people spew after smoking a fatty. I’m just hope he’ll just do it in his basement/garage with a tiny window cracked like a normal person as opposed to at a crowded college party.

We love you, Phelps! Welcome Back!

Eight Arrested For Intent To Have Munchies In The Company Of An Olympic Hero


Holy shit.  Yeah, I get that pot is illegal, but does anyone thing that this has just escalated to an unreal level?  Even the governor of South Carolina thinks it’s meaningless.

Eight people were arrested this week in connection with the Michael Phelps bong incident-seven with possession and one with distribution.  Police confiscated the bong that some its owner tried to sell on Ebay for $100,000.

Phelps has not been charged yet, even though he’s the one person in the photograph who is actually taking a hit.  Stay tuned.  Beet, get the bail money ready.



Despite the rumors swirling about Subway dumping merman Phelps, their rep came out and denied the story.

“Like most Americans, and like Michael Phelps himself, we were disappointed in his behavior,” Megan Driscoll, the rep for Subway, tells “Also like most Americans, we accept his apology. Moving forward, he remains in our plans.”

Look at that devilish grin on Phelpsy! He knows what’s up! He’s going to be chillaxin with Tommy Chong and munching foot longs for the next 3 months. Except this time, he’ll do it in the privacy of his own basement.

Oh Noes! Looks Like Subway Is Going to Dump Phelpsy!

Michael Phelps Penis Cock Through Speedo Pictures Photos

First Kellogg’s, now Subway. Apparently after his run-in with the wacky tobacky, Subway doesn’t want Michael Phelps’ foot-long anywhere near theirs. (Get it? That was a penis joke.)

Exclusive! Subway has officially de-linked Michael Phelps as they prepare to drop his recently announced sponsorship deal. Before Michael’s bong hits hit the headlines, Michael Phelps was featured on the Subway web site. However, since the swimmer’s pothead scandal, Subway has removed all links to pages featuring the Olympic swimmer (see below).

Confidentially, the Subway webteam gave us the heads up — Michael Phelps has been remmed out, de-linked, due to his recent one toke over the line. Other Subway “celebrity friends” are still listed, like Jared, Ryan Howard and Reggie Bush — but they have been told to officially de-link all references featuring Michael …

In an e-mail from Subway spokeswoman Megan Driscoll, she said: “Subway is not commenting or releasing a statement right now on Michael Phelps.” However, in de-linking all references to Michael Phelps, this is Subway corporate as they prepare for dropping their sponsorship. Our insider told us Subway execs are pissed off, talking to legal, want their endorsement money returned — and to “get rid of this embarrassment.”

I wonder if Phelpsy is sorry he ever even copped to this shit. He could have just been like, “Listen, I was smoking plain tobacco out of the pipe,” and it would have been total and complete bullshit, and we all would have known it, but, fuck, if Paris Hilton can go on Larry King and say she’s never done drugs, Michael Phelps can too, right? He probably could have saved his endorsements that way.

Oh, Michael. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all this. You can pour your dressing on my roast beef any day, baby.