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WTF Of The Day: Wade Robson Says Michael Jackson Had A “Sex Alarm”


Wade Robson is still fighting to sue (the very dead) Michael Jackson over child abuse allegations. Mr. Robson says that when he was a child, Mr. Jackson abused him and threatened him to keep quiet. Robson’s not stopping there. He claims that Jackson had a special sort of “child sex alarm” — an alarm near his bedroom that went off if people got too close to Michael while he was abusing children…or something. By the way, the term “sex alarm” and variations of it, are all TMZ’s creation. More from TMZ:

Michael Jackson went to great lengths to avoid being caught sexually abusing children … even installing an alarm to warn him whenever someone was approaching his bedroom — so claims Wade Robson in his latest complaint against the singer’s estate.

Robson just filed an amended complaint, claiming the alarm would go off whenever someone came within 30 feet of Jackson’s room. Robson claims Jackson also hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his bedroom door.

True or untrue, that is horrible. Logistically, how would someone even get that installed? But that’s not the right question to ask.

I don’t know what to believe in Robson’s case. Where do you guys stand?

Michael Jackson’s Death Was An Accident, Says the Ghost of Michael Jackson

michael jackson

Conrad Murray is currently behind bars where his sorry excuse for a physician ass belongs, but a court case is still ongoing between Michael Jackson‘s estate and AEG, the concert promotion giant who basically tried to make millions off of the late star even if it killed him (and still after it did). Anyhoo, some weird ass “evidence” entered the courtroom this past week when Lionel Richie’s ex-wife (LOL why) Brenda Harvey claimed that Jacko’s ghost visited her and cleared up any confusion by insisting that his death was an accident. What in the actual fuck?

From The Sun:

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips stunned the wrongful death trial by claiming Jacko had insisted from beyond the grave that his death was an accident — and cleared Dr Murray.

He told jurors at Los Angeles County Superior Court: “Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael, either through a medium or directly.

“She said Michael told her it wasn’t Dr Murray’s fault — that he had accidentally killed himself.”

Many in the court burst into laughter, but judge Yvette Palazuelos let the testimony STAND.

Wow, that judge sounds way good at his/her job! Definitely capable of logical and rational thinking, to be sure! This case is going to turn out just fine! But wait, there’s more:

Phillips, who once managed chart star Lionel, was responding to questions about an email he sent in August 2009 suggesting Murray was not to blame for Jacko’s death at 50.

He wrote to an AEG colleague: “I think I know what MJ died of and this would exonerate Conrad.”

Phillips said he could not recall what he meant. But after questioning he offered up the spooky explanation.

A Jackson family lawyer objected, calling it triple hearsay as Phillips was relaying a conversation with Brenda, who had spoken to a medium who allegedly contacted the late singer. But the judge rejected this.

Oh, brother. Sorry, I can’t type anymore because my eyes are rolled so far back in my head that they got stuck there. What a load of nonsense. I guess I’ll enter the courtroom next and claim that Michael Jackson spoke to me through a Ouija board and admitted to being a secret Nazi. That should really stir things up! What a joke.

Michael Jackson Allegedly Threatened Wade Robson To Keep Quiet

michael jackson trial

Wade Robson, dancer, once said,

Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever. He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of human kind.

But times have changed and now Robson is saying via his lawyer that Jackson was, “a monster”. It was about a decade ago that Robson testified on behalf of Jackson in an unrelated sexual abuse trial when he said that Jackson never molested him. Now he’s gotten a lawyer and seeking damages, alleging that Jackson actually did abuse him. So why is he coming forward now? Here’s what his lawyer’s saying, via TMZ:

Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he [Wade] collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child. … He lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him.

That is absolutely terrible if this is what happened but one thing sounds really off about this and that’s the mention of Wade Robson’s “off the charts” 2012 career. I must have missed this this “trajectory” as I do not recall anyone talking about Wade Robson since he choreographed ‘Nysnc. And what does this have to do with his career anyway? Okay, I’m done now.

Perhaps another reason Robson didn’t say anything is because not only was he brainwashed, but that Jackson threatened him (allegedly):

If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives … our lives will be ruined forever.

So what is Robson seeking?

Gradstein says they have not asked for any specific amount of money in their legal docs, although that’s clearly the point of filing a creditor’s claim.  He then trashes what he calls “the Jackson money machine” which he says is “at it once again to keep the truth from coming out.”  But he says, “This time it won’t work.”

By “this time” I’m guessing he’s referring to the 2005 trial that was settled out of court when the victim received a $22 million settlement.

Do you think Michael Jackson was a child molester?

Wade Robson Changed His Mind; Now Says Michael Jackson Molested Him As A Kid

wade robson 2007

Michael Jackson is dead and he’s still being accused of child molestation. Dance choreographer Wade Robson just came forward saying he was one of those abused, and he wants money from Michael Jackson’s estate. In 2005, a 13 year-old boy alleged that Jackson abused him. Being a child who used to hang out with Michael Jackson, Mr. Robson was brought in as a witness and testified that when he was young Michael Jackson did not molest him, although Mr. Jackson’s housekeeper raised some doubt when she claimed that she saw an 8 or 9 year-old Robson showering with Jackson. Mr. Robson is now taking that back.

From TMZ:

Wade met Michael when he was 5 years old and they developed a friendship that lasted for years.  By the time Wade was 7, he went for sleepovers at Neverland and MJ’s homes in L.A. and Vegas.  The sleepovers continued until Wade was 14.

Wade even performed to a Michael Jackson song on “Star Search” when he was 8 years old.

Wade’s lawyer filed legal docs May 1 asking the judge in the Michael Jackson Estate case to allow him to file a late creditor’s claim against the Estate.  In the documents, Wade’s lawyer says he submitted a never-before filed complaint “for childhood sexual abuse.”

Wade’s lawyer has filed the actual complaint under seal — which means it’s not available to the public.  Sources tell TMZ … the complaint specifically outlines the alleged abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson.

Wade’s lawyer also mentions a psychiatrist who treated Wade — the doctor is a leader in the field of child psychology.

I’m not exactly sure what California’s statues of limitations on child molestation are. According to The Los Angeles Criminal Defense Blog in 2012, California “abolished the statute of limitations for aggravated rape (which among other things can require that the victim be seriously injured).” However, they also state that they were not able to abolish statute of limitations retroactively. “The current statute of limitations for filing charges of molestation against a minor is ten years” but “Molestation charges can also be brought one year from the date it is reported to the authorities regardless of when that happens, and even if the ten-year time limit has expired.” Since the complaint is sealed, I don’t know what the exact details of Robson’s case are nor do I know how he’s going to win a case against someone who’s dead, but this is why I am not a lawyer.

In 1994, a man named Evan Chandler accused Jackson of molesting his son and got $22 million in a settlement with a stipulation that his son sign a non-disclosure agreement. Then in December of 2009, the FBI released documents pertaining to this 1994 molestation case and a separate molestation case in 2005. You can read all 333 pages of it here.

Sharon Osbourne Has Something to Say About Michael Jackson’s Death and She’ll Testify About It

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is one classy broad, and classy broads should always put the world to rights. For this reason, she’ll be testifying at the wrongful death trial surrounding the late Michael Jackson’s death and speaking out in support of MJ’s mother Katherine Jackson, who wants more than $40 billion in damages from AEG Live.

From Radar Online:

The revelation comes only days after Ozzy’s wife revealed on her CBS show, The Talk, that AEG executives had told her that the King of Pop was not well enough during rehearsals for his scheduled shows at the O2 Arena in London.

“Sharon Osbourne was added to the plaintiff’s witness list. The jury will be extremely interested to hear what Sharon has to say. Sharon is extremely credible, and she doesn’t have an axe to grind with anyone in this case. She just wants to tell the truth about what certain key executives at AEG told her before Michael tragically passed away. This goes to the heart of Katherine’s case that AEG knew Michael wasn’t healthy, and everyone at AEG knew it,” a source close to the situation told exclusively.

The news that Osbourne will take the stand comes only days after she made a startling revelation on The Talk. Speaking about the civil lawsuit, the spitfire British redhead said, “And the thing is, there were certain people that work at that company that knew that Michael Jackson was not well and they didn’t care because it’s business, and at the end of the day whether he performed or he didn’t, they would still make money. I’ve had conversation’s with certain people at that company (AEG) who have said exactly that to me. If they would like me to go to court, (the Jackson family), I will stand up and tell them who said that to me!”

Well, this seems to have exactly zero to do with Sharon Osbourne, but way to put your nose in where it’s not needed, lady. That being said, she obviously has a point. Companies want to make money off celebrities and it doesn’t matter how fucked up they are in their personal lives. If they can possibly be thrown onto a stage and made to perform, thereby bringing in the cash, then it doesn’t matter how unhealthy they are while doing it. Is it worth $40 billion? Eh, it seems a bit excessive, but that’s not for me to say. But AEG did hire Conrad Murray, who is notoriously kind of a prick and definitely shares much of the blame here, and they should all pay up.

Michael Jackson’s Kids May Be Getting a Reality Show and It’s All LaToya’s Fault

LaToya Jackson is trying to cash in on Michael Jackson‘s death by, well, cashing in on his kids and getting them on TV. Here’s the deal: LaToya signed all three – Prince, Blanket and Paris – to the Ja-Tail Enterprises talent agency, which totally isn’t even a real thing and has no other clients. Since starting this venture, she’s put them right out on the ho stroll. Paris has been signed up to a movie that’ll start shooting over the summer and Prince is a new corespondent for Entertainment Tonight and will also appear on 90210, though I’d rather be unemployed than be part of that disaster.

If all that wasn’t enough, it’s now claimed that LaToya is trying to secure a six-figure deal for the kids to appear in their own reality show, and Oprah Winfrey may be the highest bidder. Make it stop.

From The New York Post:

The coup de grâce for La Toya, who gets a standard 15 percent commission on each deal, would be a reality TV show deal she’s negotiating. Insiders said bidding has approached $10 million.

OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s network, is thought to be the front-runner to land the series that would feature Jacko’s children, La Toya and cameos by family matriarch Katherine.

“Toya’s working it. It’s because [Katherine] can’t say no to her,” one person close to the family said.

She was able to use the sympathy card because most of her siblings were legally barred from the mansion following the videotaped fight between Paris and her aunt Janet, the failed coup on Jacko’s will and the alleged kidnapping of Katherine.

“She pounced while everyone else was making a lot of useless noise. It was her smoke screen, and she got it done,” the insider said.

“She told them how she knew [Michael] better than anybody else, and she knew he’d want them to follow their dreams; and because they were his children, they could be media and entertainment moguls.

“She had a blueprint. She sold it, and they bought it.”

This bitch. Michael’s probably rolling in his grave for a number of reasons, this probably being the least of them, but whatever. His whole family has gone buckwild since he passed away and everyone is trying to cash in on these kids in any way possible, which is a shame. Here’s hoping they manage to find some sense of normality and don’t end up going down the same path that put their father in an early grave.

Prince Michael Jackson Is ET’s Newest Reporter

michael jackson blanket

Prince Michael Jackson I AKA , Prince Michael, AKA Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., AKA Michael Jackson‘s oldest son, is working as a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. Is everyone else thinking, “Wait…what?” Jackson is 16. Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan still can’t get a job. His first interview for the show was with James Franco, Zach Braff, and Sam Raimi of Oz the Great and Powerful. Ewww, Zach Braff. Sorry, at this point, that’s just a reflex I picked up from the ’00s.

Jackson has great ambitions.

From ABC News:

I’m looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor.

Dude, I don’t even doubt him. I bet he can do it. In this video, an ET exclusive, Jackson is composed, smart, and sauve. Brooke Anderson, his mentor that’s interveiwing him, is the opposite of all of these. Anderson gushes and giggles,

You’re only sixteen but you seem so much wise and older than your years!

To which Jackson responds,

That’s all thanks to my dad.

And then Anderson lets out a hushed and awed, “Aaohhhhhhhhh” like Jackson just told her, “I am the reincarnation of an Egyptian Pharaoh which is why I’m so much older and wiser beyond my years, shamone.”