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Melissa Joan Hart

Today in Celebrity Couples Who Still Love Each Other


Absolute cuteness was the name of the game as Melissa Joan Hart sat courtside at the Knicks vs. Hawks game with her hubby, Mark Wilkerson. They actually look like they’re in love and not just putting on a show for the cameras. I love it. I’m glad things turned out so well for Melissa. Remember when she was all BFF with Britney Spears like a million years ago? And she was in the “Crazy” video? That was just weird.

Melissa Joan Hart Takes Back What She Said About Farrah, But I Do Not Take Back What I Said About Melissa Joan Hart


Melissa Joan Hart, thrilled to just be in the headlines for any reason, has written a MySpace apology to Farrah Fawcett, expressing regret for saying she hoped the Charlie’s Angels star didn’t die the week prior to Hart’s bikini People cover:

It has come to my attention that something I said has been completely misconstrued in the press. I was merely explaining what I had read about how the cover of People magazine was chosen from an article last week I read in the Times. I truly hope that Farrah and her family know I wish them the best at this time in her life. And that I would never be so selfish to disrespect anyone, let alone someone I admire greatly.

Then, to further explain her bad behavior, she wrote another blog about — what else?  her own problems:

Last week was an intense one for me in many regards. Not only for all the reasons that have been publicized for you like the magazine cover and the opening of our new shop. But mainly because my mother was admitted into the hospital and underwent an intense 8 hour surgery on a brain tumor. All of my 6 siblings and I gathered at my house and the hospital for the entire week to be strong for each other. She is out of the woods and on her way to recovery, luckily she is a good healer and has 7 children to lend a hand in times like these. Prayer is a big part of my life and it was very crucial last week for my mommy. I ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she fights her way to a full and wonderful recovery. I love you Mommy!!!

Mrs. Hart, I certainly hope you are feeling better.  No matter what you do, please don’t die this week because your daughter is doing press for her new candy store and your funeral would cause a real scheduling nightmare.

I Take Back My Apology


You know what?  I tried being nice to Melissa Joan Hart, but it’s just not working for me.  Yeah, she lost a bunch of weight and yeah, she opened up a candy store but she’s not a nice person.  I think, on some level, I knew that.  Therefore, I’m back to using the most unflattering pictures of her that I can find.

New York Post is reporting that Hart was telling people at KTLA in Los Angeles that she’d been hoping Farrah Fawcett wouldn’t die last week because then she’d be bumped off the cover of People. 

A couple of things here:  Melissa Joan Hart should be grateful that People even wrote an article about her.  As a matter of fact, MJH should be grateful that she’s even permitted to live in the Hollywood area.  Secondly, Melissa had nothing to worry about it.  People makes it a practice to leave irrelevant bottle-blonds on the cover, even when television legends die.