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Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain Was in Playboy, Didn’t You Know

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I love this girl. Like, so hard. She’s sweet and she’s savvy, she’s hot and she’s intelligent, and there’s really not a lot more hotness going on than a Republican conservative that’s willing to endorse gay marriage. Haven’t you heard? I’d totally do Meghan McCain and her fabulous, intelligent rack.

From Playboy:

PLAYBOY: Conservatives are as hard on you as liberals. Right-wing blogger Dan Riehl sniped that “this self-indulgent set of mega-breasts doesn’t belong anywhere near a TV studio commenting on anything.”

MCCAIN: Who says stuff like that? Some guys out there just can’t handle a woman with a strong opinion. And the quickest way to cut down a woman is to talk about her appearance. Do I care? No. Every guy I’ve ever dated and every boyfriend I’ve ever had—nobody ever complained about my body. And there are way more important things for me to do than obsess about my weight. We have an election going on, people!

PLAYBOY: You’ve dubbed the 2012 election cycle “the shitty sequel” to 2008.

MCCAIN: Can you argue with that? It’s just been so lame—so many debates, so much blather, so much oversaturation. Granted, my father is not running, so I’m biased, and we have an incumbent president, which changes things. But where’s the electricity? You’d think someone would rise up and tap the frustration and energy of the Occupy movement or the Tea Party, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

PLAYBOY: Visualize for a moment how America would be different had your dad won.

MCCAIN: Oh, Lord. You would have the craziest first daughter ever, who’d be making ridiculous headlines and hurting the administration every step of the way. That aside, I think Dad would have made an incredible president. The recession wouldn’t have been as bad as it is now. We wouldn’t be pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. I think morale in the military and in the country at large would be higher and we’d be much further on the road to recovery.

PLAYBOY: Do you have any tips for the offspring of campaigners on the election trail?

MCCAIN: Get sleep, be nice and shut up. I wasn’t always a peach to be around. I could have been nicer to the Secret Service and some staffers, and I voiced my opinion way too much. It’s really stressful, though. The day before Election Day, I almost overdosed on Xanax. I had …


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Meghan McCain: Still Completely Awesome

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You know who we haven’t talked about in a long, long time? OK, I know: the headline ruined it. It’s totally Meghan McCain. Remember that one time when she posted a photo of herself on Twitter or something, and it totally displayed her huge, amazing jugs? Yeah, I do too. And even though I disagree with some of her politics, and the fact that she chose to be born to someone who ENDORSED SARAH PALIN as a Vice Presidential candidate, I really dig this girl. She’s got an awesomeness to her that can’t be bought, faked, or even borrowed.

Meghan did a quick interview with the New York Times, and I’d have to say that pretty much ALL of her answers to all of the questions asked were pretty fabulous. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

LEAST-REPUBLICAN PIECE OF CLOTHING: My black studded Christian Louboutin heels. They are hard-core. My friend nicknamed them my dominatrix heels. There’s nothing Republican or political about those shoes.

INDISPENSABLE ITEM: My MacBook. It’s depressing. It’s like my baby. I named it Bambi. My iPhone is named Thumper. How sad am I?

INTERNET DATING? No. I would get slaughtered. My profile would be on Gawker in five seconds.

MATERIAL OBSESSION: I love skulls. I have 10 of them. I love the way they look in my place. I have one on my night stand; one on my desk; crystal ones in my kitchen; one that’s filled with vodka; some with diamond eyes.

HUMAN OBSESSION: I am borderline obsessed with Sofia Coppola. She is unbelievably talented and has a famous father and established herself as a force to be reckoned with in her industry. She’s so much cooler than I am.


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Kate Gosselin’s Heading Back to The View

My favorite show, The View, has announced their newest series of guest co-hosts and it’s really just more of the same. But in a good way.

Joining the ladies will be Meghan McCain (barf, but it’s sometimes fun in a “I hate the world” way to listen to her talk), Valerie Bertinelli, and Victoria Beckham, who apparently just does guest spots on talk shows and competitions now. And of course, Kate Gosselin, the woman with the seven-thousand dollar extensions who used to bone that wild moose, will be seated at the table on March 11th.

If you don’t normally watch The View, I don’t want to know you, but also, you should still probably tune in to check out Kate. Last time she was on the show she was in the midst of her divorce and for the most part, was respectful of her disgusting husband. Now she’s a completely single woman, she’s got her own TV show in the works, she’s got that fly-ass weave and her ex-husbro is dating a 25 year old girl that he was seen making out with all over Sundance. If ever there was an opportunity to see Kate Gosselin become unhinged, this is it. And if she’s smart, she will. Homegirl has to stay relevant if she wants to keep feeding all those kids.