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Megan Joy Corkrey

Adam Lambert Has a Boyfriend????


Ohhhhh tragedy of tragedies!!! I really really really need to stop developing crushes on gay men. It always lead to disappointment. The New York Post is reporting that Adam Lambert hit up Outback Steakhouse in Burbank with several other Idol contestants, and he was there with a guy that he introduced as his boyfriend. I knew I probably couldn’t land you, Adam, but you didn’t have to go slashing my little dream to shreds like this. It’s okay, dude. I’ll still vote for you.

Also with Adam were my nemesis Megan Joy Corkrey and Anoop Desai, who are apparently an item. I don’t see how anyone could date Megan. I bet she randomly busts out into that stupid shaky dance during sex. You’d always be wondering whether she was having an orgasm or just approaching the chorus of “Rockin’ Robin.”