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Megan Fox

Show Us Your Hand!

Stupid Shia LaBeouf has his left hand in his damn pocket in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO from the Eagle Eye LA premiere. You can see a little hint of the cast here, but, for the most part, he’s just being a total cocktease about it. Whip it out, Shia!

Also there: Megan Fox, looking totally edible, Michelle Monaghan, looking totally pregnant, and Rosario Dawson, looking like she’s had some work done, but I can’t pinpoint what.

Shia’s Back on Set and Megan Fox Is Adjusting Her Tits

This is really a fantastic set of photos, because we get too see Shia LaBeouf and his be-bandaged hand on the set of Transformers 2, plus a nice look at Megan Fox adjusting her titties.

Sometimes the gods just give us these little gifts, and we must accept them humbly.


“I should have toned up for ‘Transformers’ but I’m really lazy. I had to put on weight. I’d lost a lot of weight and got really scrawny, but I was told I had to put on size for ‘Transformers’ because Michael [Bay, the director] doesn’t like skinny girls … I have a serious sugar tooth, so now I eat red-velvet cake before I go to bed every night, and if you eat meals later, you’ll put on weight faster, so I had dinner at 10 p.m.”

Super-hottie Megan Fox, about how she transitioned from her ultra-skinny look for Jennifer’s Body to a larger look for the Transformers sequel.

How the Fuck Did Brian Austin Green Land Megan Fox????

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, Pictures, Photos

How David Silver is banging, like, the hottest chick in Hollywood is a total mystery to me.

And how he’s complaining about it is an even bigger mystery.

He began comparing Megan to the girl that he had been going out with before her who he’d broken up with for Fox, saying that Fox is behaving just like her. Apparently, the 21-year-old Transformer star is extremely set in her ways. The entire relationship was based on her terms, beginning with a “white board,” upon which the pair would document the amount of time allotted to their relationship, family, and work. Green strove to maintain a fifty percent balance between time spent each other, and time spent apart. Fox, however, would sneak behind his back and erase planned dates with Green in order to have more time away from him. In fact, she would regularly cancel plans at the last moment, often by text. Throughout their turbulent relationship, Fox would threaten to get her lawyer involved in their disputes, while Green expressed his shock to his friend as he has never had a personal attorney in his “entire” life. He complained animatedly about how “unfair” their relationship was.

He must have landed her before she was all famous and shit.

Now it’s time for her to date Tony Romo.


Megan Fox at Hollywood Film Festival’s 11th Annual Hollywood Awards, Pictures, Photos


The absolutely stunning Megan Fox walks the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Festival’s 11th Annual Hollywood Awards.

I can’t even remember that one movie she did once, but who cares?

She’s so purty.