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Mayim Bialik

UPDATED: Mayim Bialik Suffers Serious Injuries in a Car Accident

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From TMZ:

Mayim Bialik sustained serious injuries in a car accident in Los Angeles this afternoon … and sources tell us the “Big Bang Theory” actress is in danger of losing her finger.

It all went down on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea around noon … sources tell us the former “Blossom” actress was traveling alone in a white Volvo which was struck in the intersection by another vehicle filled with tourists from Chile.

We’re told emergency responders raced to the scene. One source tells us there was “tons and tons of blood everywhere.”

Sources tell us Bialik sustained major damage to her left hand … and “her finger was almost completely severed … it was just hanging there.”

We’re told 36-year-old Mayim was rushed to a nearby hospital where she is being treated.

OH MAN. This is sad, and way, way upsetting. It definitely could have been worse—though we’re not exactly sure how bad it even is, to begin with, but how awful. I subscribe to all of Mayim‘s Facebook updates, and while she’s not a “friend,” she’s definitely a favorite, for a massive variety of reasons.

Best of best wishes to Mayim and her family right now, guys.

Story developing …

Update: Mayim’s husband is Tweeting on her behalf, saying:

(husband typing) In pain but will keep all my fingers. If u wanna See pre accident me watch The Soup tonight lol

My Nineties Self Just Died and Went to Heaven: Blossom and Joey Are In An Old Navy Commercial

The headline was going to read “My Nineties Self Just Had One Sick-Ass Orgasm,” but I wasn’t sure if our advertisers would be OK with me talking about orgasms right next to their shiny Ford ads or something. After thinking about it, I also thought it was pretty weird that I’d be talking about myself having an orgasm during the time that Blossom was super popular, because I was only eight-to-twelve years old during that point in time. And yeah, that’s kind of weird.

Obviously, when I was a young girl, ‘Blossom’ was a huge, huge thing. Those hats? God, I love them. Loved them, rather. I meant LOVED them, like past tense. You know. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate the hat, alright?

photo of blossom hats pictures photos pics new old navy commercial photo
Heart! And the hats are back. And so is Blossom. And Joey, too! They’ve teamed up for Old Navy’s latest springwear campaign, and the name of the adorable commercial, in case you couldn’t read (and if you can’t read … no, that just boggles my mind, never mind that noise), is Bee Bots! Cutest ad ever, right? And how much do we love Mayim Bialik? Isn’t she the greatest, too? Joey Lawrence is, you know, not so great, and his futile attempts to resurrect a career have been just that – futile at best – but Mayim! I’m so glad she’s doing so many things lately! She’s got this, the whole Big Bang Theory thing, in which she is utterly deserving of all love and praise you can muster (muster, I say, muster), and honestly, this really started my weekend off with a bang.

Too neat, huh?

Blossom Cast to Reunite? Oh, Puh-lease and Thank You!

Remember that crazy-bitchin’ old show, Blossom?  The one that starred Mayim Bialik and her zany fishing hats with the over-sized flowers perched precariously on top?  Yeah, I so used to rock those hats … back when I was cool, that is. I had about forty of them in different colors and patterns. Being a product of the eighties, I wanted to be Blossom in every way.  She was, like, the epitome of high-class teenagers. … In total retrospect, at any rate.

It’s been confirmed that three of the key players on the 90′s show will reunite — just not Joey Lawrence, because he’s too busy being obscurely irrelevant — on the Fox comedy ‘Til Death on April 25th. Mayim Bialik, Jenna Von Oy and Michael Stoyanov will all appear on the show in a dream-sequence-type reenactment.

‘Til Death‘s producer, Don Reo, came up with the idea of a Blossom reunion because he’s running out of other options he originally created the concept for the original Blossom show and thought it’d be a kitschy little thing to do.

And I agree.  I don’t watch ‘Til Death, but I’ll be tuning in on April 25th just to relive my youth.  Again.