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Mary-Louise Parker

I Guess Mary-Louise Parker Was Engaged

Mary-Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Pictures, PHotos

Well, she’s not anymore.

She’d been engaged to Jeffrey Dean Morgan — who appears on Weeds with her, but who you’ll remember as Denny Duquette from Grey’s Anatomy, although he’s starting to look like a Javier Bardem body double these days, IMHO — and the two decided to call it off recently, according to a source.

I prefer not to think to much about Ms. Parker, because she used to date Adam Duritz and is still all BFF with him, and I hate her for that, but this girl seems to be way unlucky in love. You’ll recall that in 2003 Billy Crudup dumped her ass while she was 7 months pregnant to run off with Claire Danes.

Eh, everybody just sucks.

First Pics of Mary-Louise Parker and Her New Baby!!!

Mary-Louise Parker and Adopted African Baby Pictures, Photos

Mary-Louise, who already has one kid with Billy Crudup (who pulled a Tom Brady and ditched her for Claire Danes before the kid was born — or would it be more accurate to say Tom Brady pulled a Billy Crudup? Or who cares?), was spotted around New York with her newest African accessory: a child!

The Weeds actress took the new purse human being to the doctor and then chatted away on her cell phone.

No word yet on the little girl’s name.

Mary-Louise Parker Adopts a Baby from Africa

Mary-Louise Parker Adopts Baby Girl from Africa

Yup, someone else has jumped on the Angelina bandwagon.

Emmy-nominated M-L P picked up a baby girl from the faraway land, and she was spotted with the new tot on her way to the big event this weekend. Her reps confirmed the adoption, but declined to provide any more info.

Okay, did anyone see the interview she did on the red carpet with Giuliana? What the hell was going on there? She was such an annoying bitch. Giuliana handled it really well, but still.