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Mariqueen Maandig

Trent Reznor Engaged

Trent Reznor Engaged to Mariqueen Maandig Pictures Photos at Star Trek Premiere

I guess everyone has to settle down eventually. The rockstar genius behind Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, has announced his engagement to Mariqueen Maandig, the lead singer for West Indian Girl. The two showed up at the Star Trek premiere together last week.

When I read that name, I cringed. Mariqueen Maandig is seared into my memory forever. Years ago, West Indian Girl performed at the Sundance bash. I tried to interview her beforehand. Tried. It was the clusterfuck to top all clusterfucks. She was nervous as hell and I was told I would just be sitting in with another interviewer — I’d be there to make jokes and look pretty, basically — so I hadn’t prepped. At the last minute, I was told I was doing the interview myself. I didn’t know anything about her band and I didn’t know what the hell to ask her, and she kept coming back at me with one-word answers, or sometimes just grunts. This went on for a really, really long time. It was painful. I think we both felt awful about the whole thing. She later apologized to me on the band’s blog, but it was probably I who owed her an apology. It definitely goes down in my book as the worst interview I’ve ever done. I can’t even find the footage to link you guys to. I think burned it. But I learned an important lesson there: No matter what anyone tells you about how laid-back it’s going to be or what your role is, you never, ever go into an interview without prepping on your subject. I haven’t made that mistake since. Mariqueen and the band went on to put on a fantastic show. She wore a mind-blowing little gold dress that pretty much rendered the male population of that party useless for the night. You can check out her performance here.

Congrats to Trent and Mariqueen!!!