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Marion Cotillard

Love It or Leave It: Marion Cotillard Chosen as the New Face of Lady Dior

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Is it me, or is there just something so unbelievably entrancing about this woman? Of course, I’m talking completely aside from her fabulous, voluptuous, natural boobs. I’m talking about the depth of the characters she plays in her films. I’m talking about the smoky seduction that just oozes right out of every one of Marion‘s pores. I’m talking about how damned GOOD she looks in black and white, like a sultry siren from the era of silent films. I’m also talking about her fabulous rack, I can’t lie – and good GOD is she hot.

Marion Cotillard Went Topless and You Should Probably See It

photo of marion cotillard topless nudes pictures photos pics

Marion Cotillard is filming a new movie called Rust and Bones in which she plays … actually, I don’t know what she plays. I don’t even know what the movie is supposed to be about, because when I decided to do a Google, all I could see was nipples. Like, everywhere. So then I went back to the photos in the gallery and decided that as long as Marion Cotillard’s tits were on display, silly, trivial little things like plot and character development really don’t matter, now, do they?

Jump in for the BOOBS!

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Marion Cotillard in Vogue Paris’ September Issue

Shit. Well, these photos were the source of a lot of realizations this morning. 1) Marion Cotillard is still way prettier than me, 2) The September issues of fashion magazines are hitting the newstands and THAT means two things: 1) It’s fall, basically, 2) My clothes are even more out of date. Whatever! Like I care! But still, guys! It’s that time of the year! Fall fashion!

Dare I ask if anyone is particularly into any fall trends? And do you think that some day I will be as pretty as Marion Cotillard?

I Found You a Hot French Babe to Look At

Marion Cotillard is an amazing actress, but perhaps even more importantly, she is a babe. If you saw her Oscar acceptance speech from 2008, you would agree that there’s a pretty good chance she’s the cutest thing to ever exist on the planet. These artsy shots of her in AnOther Magazine show off a different side to the La Vie En Rose and Nine star.