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Marina Sirtis

Phoenix Comicon!!


Hi guys, before I peace out for the weekend and hand the reins over to Soleil, I just wanted to put in a quick plug for the Phoenix Comicon, which is going on this weekend at the Mesa Convention Center. The folks in charge caught wind of the fact that I was both in the Phoenix area and also a secret Trekkie, and they extended a special invitation. So I spent the afternoon geeking out at the event with my mom and my old college buddy Marc. I listened to the beautiful and hilarious Marina Sirtis speak, and got Wil Wheaton to sign my breast, just like I said I would! (He even tweeted about it!) I had the biggest crush on Wil when he played Ensign Crusher back in the day, so this was really the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy. See? I always get my man.

There will be more pics of the tit-signing on my personal blog once I get them from Marc’s camera, but, for now, here is Wil’s signature on my breasts:



I have to say that the best part of the whole experience was watching the cosplay teenagers play Red Rover on the grass outside. There was something so innocent and free-spirited about the whole thing:

I had a really great time. If you’re in the Arizona area and you have even a drop of nerd in you, you have to check it out. You know what? Even if you’re not a secret nerd, you should go. It’s just the greatest people-watching ever, and the energy is so positive and fun. It’s going on all weekend. Go.

More information is here.