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Marie Avgeropoulos

21-Year-Old Taylor Lautner Is Dating A 27-Year-Old

Marie Avgeropoulos Taylor Lautner traces movie set

Taylor “Llama” Lautner is 21 and dull as hell and is dating a 27-year-old Greek-Canadian actress, Marie Avgeropoulos.

taylor llama lautner

And that’s why we call him Taylor “Llama” Lautner.

According to USA Today, The Daily News, and The Daily Mail, the co-stars are more than co-stars as they were seen, “holding hands, snuggling, [and taking] the ritual selfie.” I can’t find this selfie, but I did find many, many pictures Taylor posted of himself, mostly publicity photos, on his Instagram. Cringe central.

Listen, Ms. Avgeropoulos, I don’t know you and I don’t know Taylor Lautner, but I know this is a bad idea. You do NOT want to date a 21-year-old when you’re in your late 20′s. You are at two totally different places in your lives. It’s almost as bad as this relationship. Keep it to light fooling around, but maybe not even bother with that.

Oh hey, I just found the taking of the selfie:

Shit's getting serious.

Shit’s getting serious.