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Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is Spending a Fortune on Her Babies’ Nursery

We knew Mariah Carey was going to go all out for her twins, but now we have an idea of the extent she’s going to. And it’s cray, yo.

According to a source close to MiMi, she’s already secured the following items for her little prince and princess:

18-carat gold trim with ivory walls

Walk-in wardrobes full of Petit Trésor designer clothes

A top-of-the-range sound system

Diamond-encrusted iPods

Flatscreen TVs that come down from the ceiling

Chelsea Sleigh cribs

Glam Glider chairs

$1 million red-crushed velvet, 24-carat gold and onyx sofa used for Michael Jackson’s shows

Clara changing table

Well, if we’ve learned anything from this, it’s that the best vaginas to come out of are the rich ones. And that these babies’ first birthday party is probably going to outdo all of our weddings.

GAHTDAMN, I love Mariah Carey. What a crazy bitch.

Mariah Carey Is Pregnant, Whiny, and I Hate Her

Strong words?  Maybe.  But check out this video of Mariah on the Home Shopping Network and think about how mediocre her albums have been since Butterfly, then look me in the face and tell me that you don’t feel the same way.  I’ll wait.

I just can’t wait until Mariah finally brings those those two little bundles of joy into the world.  For one, she’ll stop talking nonsense then, at least for a little while, and for two, you know she’s going to show those babies to the whole entire world. She’s going to Anne Geddes those little children of hers for as long as she can – it’s going to be a great sight to see.  That is, if I can ever unsee the image of Mariah with her feet propped up, whining the most annoying whine at the poor HSN crew. Fingers crossed, you guys.


photo of mariah carey and nick cannon pregnant twins pictures photographs

Damn. Two Mariah posts in a single day. Two Mariah posts within just a few hours. This has gotta be a Christmas miracle.

Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon, announced earlier this morning that the couple is, indeed, having twins. Cannon broke the news on his radio show today and confirmed the speculation that had been swirling around Mariah’s womb, as she’s been looking a bit bigger than she normally would if she were carrying, say, just one baby instead of two.

Congrats to the couple and their full-fledged family – if I were an aunt, I’d spoil these babies to high heaven, and why? Because what’s better than one newborn baby? TWO NEWBORN BABIES!

Christmas Joy in the Form of a Hip-Length Maternity Dress: Mariah Carey Takes on ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’

Things to notice about this video:

1 – Holy crow, if Mariah bends over the wrong way, (or uh at all) we’re going to have a surprise visit from Baby Carey-Cannon.

2 – This is the Most Festive and Prettiest and Glitteriest stage setup ever. I am enamored.

3 – I’m wowed by the fact that Mariah can still hit those way high notes. Good on you for having some serious pipes, girl.

4 – The guy playing the piano? Way too into it.

5 – Patricia Carey – or the woman singing mega opera next to Mariah – has some serious tooth veneers. But just on top.

And the thing that stood out the most to me:

6 – The way Mariah kept trying to plug her fingers into her ears as if trying to ‘hear’ her voice and the music better. That’s why you’re wearing in-ear monitors, girl – that’s what they’re for.

This is What Pregnant Mariah Carey is Like

Mariah Carey is for sure preggo and she’s talking about it openly and everything. Yesterday she was on Ellen’s show getting grilled about her impending motherhood when Ellen asked if she could guess the sex of the baby. Are you ready for what Mariah said to her, Lambs? You’ll die. Ready? When Ellen asked if she could guess the baby’s sex, this is what Mariah said, “I would prefer not. Because imagine if you’re a baby inside someone’s body. Do you really want someone imposing their sex ideas on you? Not really? I’m just saying. Would you want them to be like it’s definitely a girl … would you?”

Well no, Mariah Carey, I would guess that very famous lesbian Ellen DeGeneres wouldn’t want someone imposing their sex ideas on her.

Annnnyyyyway… The interview was pretty funny. Mariah also said she won’t be pushing pink on her baby, regardless of their sex, “I’m not going to impose pink on a girl. Do you think I’m really going to go that hard with it? That’s how you get the exact opposite.”

So, we’ve learned a few things. 1) Mariah doesn’t want you talking about her baby’s gender while her baby can hear you inside of her, 2) Mariah believes that nurture is stronger than nature and, 3) Apparently “impose” was on her Word of the Day calendar recently.

Can You Believe That This Child Is The Father of Mariah’s Baby?

It seems like just a moment ago that Nick Cannon was buying tacky, candy-themed jewelry for his lady Mariah Carey, and now the two are having a baby. Gosh, things move so quickly. Nick probably feels the same way. The dude’s like, my age. Not even really that close to 30, and he’s having a baby with someone I watched sing at the Grammy’s when I was in 4th grade. That’s a real trip.

These pictures of Nick arriving home to their NYC apartment are kind of killin’ me, though. The dude gets out of the car looking like a high school student, is followed into the house by a man carrying a bag of balloons that look like they were designed specifically for Mariah on the off chance that she did turn up pregnant and then later he comes back outside in a suit and what looks like the makings of some Andre 3000 facial hair.

Damn, Nick! Why you have to be so mature!?!?