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Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell: Hollywood Starlet Turns To Meth

The (absolutely NSFW) video above is of “In The House” star Maia Campbell, a woman who was once an up and coming actress who showed a lot of potential. Now she is addicted to meth, prostituting herself and so out of it that she will mouth off to anyone who approaches her with a camera.

The details of her decline are not clear. It’s rumored that the father of her baby was a dope dealer who provided her with endless drugs, and once her career started slowing down, she got hooked.  Now she sleeps on Venice Beach and accepts handouts from anyone and everyone. When this footage was released yesterday I had to share it with you, not for laughs but because she serves as a cautionary tale. I don’t know how or why people start doing meth, to me it seems like you couldn’t possibly be of sane mind when agreeing to take it, but regardless Maia’s story is one to learn from.