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MacKenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips Went and Wrecked Her Face

Mackenzie Phillips has been in the news quite a bit this year for shocking (but not so shocking) behavior. First she went on Oprah to talk about her consensual sexual relationship with her now deceased father, then she wound up on Celebrity Rehab. Well, here’s another one to add to the list: Homegirl got a new face.

In the spirit of Heidi Montag and bitches with low self-esteem everywhere, Mackenzie went and ruined her appropriately aged face by filling full of rat testicles and stapling it in places where faces shouldn’t be stapled. I’m all for plastic surgery, especially when it’s used to fix a legitimate problem, but unnecessary nips and tucks like this drive me nuts. Doesn’t it bother someone to know that everyone else knows their face is faux?

Check out a preview of her new mug in the clip from E! News up top.

More Details on Mackenzie Phillips’ Interview That You May or May Not Want to Know

Yesterday, I told you about Mackenzie Phillips interview with Oprah which is sitting on my DVR waiting for me.  As I mentioned, Mackenzie admits to having sex with her father.  I was unclear as to the circumstances, but reading about today’s interview has cleared up any fuzziness that I may have been experiencing.

Mackenzie told the audience that she had sex with her father starting at the age of 19 — she told Oprah that it was “an abuse of power”.  The night before her wedding, she got totally high with her dad and passed out.  When she woke up, her father was having sex with her.  And this sexual relationship continued for ten years!  At one point, her father even suggested that they move to Fiji where father-daughter affairs are apparently more accepted.

Then there’s the matter of truth.  Is Mackenzie lying about all this to sell books?  John Phillips wife at the time of this alleged “affair” thinks so.  According to Genevieve Waite, John was “incapable, no matter how drunk or drugged he was, of having such a relationship with his own child.”  Another of Mackenzie’s step-mothers also thinks she’s lying.  Michelle Phillips, co-founder of Mamas and Papas had this to say:  “I think it’s unconscionable that Oprah would let her do her show. I have every reason to believe it’s untrue. Oprah should be more judicious about who she has on her show.”  She does have some family support, though.  Chynna Phillips, half-sister to Mac and daughter of Michelle, claims that she was told about the inappropriate union back in 1997.  She told Us of her reaction:  “Somebody could have dropped a piano on my head and I probably wouldn’t have felt it.  But I knew it was true. I mean, who in their right mind would make such a claim if it wasn’t true?”

After a decade of having sex with her dad, Phillips became pregnant.  She says she doesn’t know who the father was, but she had an abortion that John paid for.  After that, she never had sex with him again.

Phillips concluded by saying, “I can’t be the only one this has happened to.  Someone needs to put a face on consensual incest.”

MacKenzie Phillips Had Sex With Her Dad

One Day at a Time‘s MacKenzie Phillips has struggled with addiction issues for decades.  After hearing just a snippet of what Phillips shared in her recent Oprah interview (airs tomorrow!), I think it’s clear where her problems stem from.

She told Oprah that her father, Mamas and Papas frontman John Phillips was the first person who ever shot her up with heroin.  According to, she also had sex with her father.  I don’t know if she was an adult when this occurred or if he molested her as a child, but does it even matter?

She also told O about having sex with Mick Jagger, in which he said, “I’ve been waiting for this since you were ten.”

I can’t wait to see this whole interview tomorrow.  Mackenzie is plugging her new book, “High on Arrival”.

If this wasn’t all screwed up enough, Phillips’ half-brother Tamerlane gave a quote to Page Six in response to his sister’s allegations:

“My family is and always will be a decrepit bowl of dog urine compared to Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. That is how great Nityananda is.” The Indian yogi died in 1961. “Worship Nityananda, not the Phillips family. Nityananda can protect you,” said Tamerlane.

Um, huh?

Try Not To Scream Out Loud Like I Just Did But MacKenzie Phillips Is Going To Counsel Addicts


The cast for the newest season of Celebrity Rehab has just been announced.  I’d love to know how many of the cast members you’ve ever heard of (without Googling) :  Mike Starr (not the one from Alice in Chains), Joey Kovar, Dennis Rodman, Lisa D’Amato, Heidi Fleiss, Kari Ann Peniche, and Mindy McCready.  Wait — Mindy McCready is alive

But you haven’t heard the best part yet.  Last season they had Gary Busey in some sort of honorary counselor type position even though he still smoked pot all the time.  Eventually he realized that he needed some rehab too.  Personally, I think they just told him he was going to be a counselor to get him into the program. 

This season they have a new celebrity counselor — MacKenzie Phillips.  If you aren’t familiar, allow me to give you the rundown on the washed up One Day At A Time – and yes, I find the title of her most well-known show to be beyond ironic – actress.  She just went through her tenth rehab stint in the fall of 2008 after she tried to walk through airport security with cocaine and heroin.  She’s been doing lines, and I don’t mean airport security lines, since the seventies.  I mean, God bless her for never giving up the fight but I don’t think she should be dispersing How To Stay Sober advice at this time.

Truthfully, if I were a celebrity and arrived at rehab only to discover that MacKenzie I Have No Septum Phillips was the person who was going to help me in my recovery, I’d just launch myself out in front of a moving vehicle.  Seriously, it would offer me better odds of survival.