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Lourdes Leon

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is living in a shared dorm room

lourdes leon

I feel bad for the kids of famous people, in a way. They’re thrust into the spotlight and live a particular lifestyle without ever having been given a choice just because it’s what their parents chose. Because of that, a lot of celebrity kids also go into the business or just go off the rails. Lourdes Leon, Madonna‘s daughter, seems to be trying to stay on the right track and live a somewhat normal life, though, since she’s attending the University of Michigan (her mother’s alma mater, though she never graduated) and living in a shared dorm room. Aw, hell no!

From The Daily Mail:

Speaking to the MailOnline a fellow student said: ‘She’s not as sociable as many people would have thought and she couldn’t be more different from Madonna’s huge persona.’

The pal added: ‘Every day that passes she’s slowly coming out of her shell.

‘There’s no diva behavior or anything like that. She’s really aware how people might judge her and doesn’t want a bad reputation.’

Lourdes recently enrolled in the School of Music, Theatre and Dance, attending classes and rehearsal sessions just a four-minute stroll away from her box room.

Her classmates swan around the hallways inside the modern Walgreen Drama Center singing and warming up their vocals with admirable confidence – but Lourdes isn’t quite there yet.

There’s no denying she’s got a gift. In the process to being accepted into the highly acclaimed school she had to submit a script reading and a classical singing performance on video.

But despite having such an extraordinary gift, a friend told MailOnline she ‘couldn’t be more different’ than her mum and is actually very shy, even introducing herself as ‘Lola’ when meeting new friends to avoid them picking up her identity straight away.

Yo, advice for Lola – find out which “pal” is giving quotes to The Mail Online and maybe don’t ever speak to them again because they’re NOT your friend.

Anyhow, it’s nice she’s going to university and having a normal experience. I’m sure it will never TRULY be normal, considering, but it must be refreshing and kind of a relief to be away from the environment she’s grown up in and try out what it’s like to be a normal teenager/college student.

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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Might Be Dating That Hit-And-Run Kid From ‘Homeland’

lourdes leon

In a somewhat random and sorta “eh, who cares?” turn of events, Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes Leon is apparently dating Timothee Chalamet, the Vice President’s kid who hit the woman while joyriding with Brody’s daughter on Homeland last season. That kid was kind of a dick but Brody’s daughter is SO much more annoying and the actress who plays her overdoes EVERYTHING. But that’s besides the point.

From The New York Post:

The pair met at La Guardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts on the Upper West Side, where Timothée’s in the class of 2013. Lourdes, who is reportedly studying drama, graduates next year from the school, which was the inspiration for the 1980 film “Fame.”

A source told us, “It’s common knowledge at the school that the pair are dating.” When contacted about the teenage romance, a spokeswoman for Madonna declined to comment. Reps for Timothée didn’t get back to us last night.

Aw, isn’t that special? Young love! I bet you Madonna is super embarrassing when he comes around to the house and makes Lourdes get home by the time the street lights come on. Nooooot. I literally have nothing to say about this besides the fact that I can’t believe Lourdes is already 16. Where has the time gone?!

Lourdes Thinks Madonna Is, Like, So Lame

A photo of Madonna and Lourdes

To be fair, when I was Lourdes‘ age (15, ugh), I thought my mom was so lame, too, mostly because she kept trying to borrow my clothes and because I hated her stupid boyfriend. Time has passed though, and her stupid boyfriend became my awesome stepfather, and while she still tries to borrow my clothes, at least now she’ll let me borrow her jewelry. The point is, even though I thought my mom was the absolute lamest back then, I realize now that she was actually always incredibly wonderful. Probably because she is not Madonna.

Poor Lourdes. I don’t think she’ll ever grow out of the “oh my gosh, mom, you are so embarrassing me” stage, but really, I don’t think she should. Her mom is Madonna. Madonna is that poor girl’s mother. Can you imagine what that must be like to deal with? Put aside all the daydreams about financial security and world travel and all that, and just think about Madonna trying to parent you. It’s enough to make you cringe, isn’t it?

So now that most of us are pretty firmly on Lourdes’ side, let’s talk about this latest reason why she thinks her mom is embarrassing, all right?

From the National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Madonna’s embarrassed teen daughter Lourdes keeps telling her mom: Knock off your infamous feud with Lady Gaga – it makes you look like a jealous old fool!

“Loudes is 15; a lot closer to Lady Gaga’s age than her mom is… and like most every girl her age, she absolutely adores Gaga,” said a family friend. “It embarrasses her hugely that her mother constantly picks on Gaga. Lourdes, who’s wise beyond her years, knows Madonna’s doing herself more harm than good – and that she’d be better off locking arms than horns with her rival.”

But Madonna’s turning a deaf ear.

“She’s jealous of Gaga’s success since her own latest album didn’t do so well,” said another friend. “And it doesn’t help that many pals have commented that her daughter bears a striking resemblance to Lady Gaga – a comparison Lourdes loves, and her mom hates!”

That Lourdes is wise beyond her years, isn’t she? I really hope this story is true, but I especially hope that Lourdes actually called her mom a “jealous old fool.” That would be the cherry on top of this hilarious sundae.

It Must Be Really Embarrassing to Have Madonna for a Mom

See this face down here? This face on Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes?

photos of lourdes madonna daughter pictures photos
It’s in direct response to what her mother’s doing these days at the same social events that Lourdes herself attends. What could it be, I’m sure you’re wondering? Throwing hydrangeas at people whilst shaking a sinewy fist? No, that’d be too classy for Madge. Rescuing unwanted children from third- and fourth-world countries? Nope, too noble! This is what Madonna’s doing lately, right in front of her daughter’s appraising and bored – eyes:

photo of madonna grinding with a backup dancer young pictures pics
Awesome, right? I mean, don’t you just wish you had a mom just like this? One that has boyfriends (who, ahem, completely aren’t chosen by their ages and lack of man-like facial hair) that you can, like, totally relate to, and maybe even snag if you play your cards right? Boyfriends like this?:

photo of madonna and young boyfriend brahim pictures photos
Yeah. You do.

Love It or Leave It: Mother-Daughter Edition

A photo of Madonna and Lourdes

Here’s a photo of Madonna and daughter Lourdes at the launch of their new fashion line, and seeing as how these guys are smart designers now,  I just wanted to take a moment to analyze their ensembles.  When I first saw this picture, my first thought was “Oh, that’s nice – Lourdes is a grunge era hooker and Madonna is her no-nonsense, more classy pimp.”  And I stand by that.  If you don’t see it, just take a look at Lourde’s peekaboo flannel and Madonna’s leather gloves.  Now picture a dramatic slow-motion scene (I’m thinking with “Polly” by Nirvana in the background) of Madonna yelling at Lourdes about profits and appearances and “young lady, do you think those torn tights are going to bring in the dough?”  And then you’ll be where I am.

That scenario aside (along with the fishnets and leather gloves), I think Madonna’s dress is actually pretty great, but I cannot get past Lourde’s flannel and studded leather to seriously analyze her style.  What do you guys think?  Does this make you want to buy some clothes these ladies designed?

Lola Leon Loves Her Mom/That Good Herb

My favorite fashion blogger, Lola Leon, was spotted on the set of one of her mom’s projects in London over the weekend! Look at how fashionable she is! And guys… is that a rasta wristband that she’s wearing? With a big pot leaf on it? Hmmm. I wonder why she’d be wearing something like that…