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Love It or Leave It: Evangeline Lilly’s Brown Satin Jumper

May 11, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actress EVANGELINE LILLY attends the premiere of the Rolling Stones new documentary 'Stones In Exile' held the Museum of Modern Art. © Red Carpet Pictures

Evangeline Lilly was snapped at last night’s premiere of Stones in Exile in New York City wearing what one could only describe as Blanche Devereaux‘s full-lengthy exercise romper.

I think satin’s pretty gross. I think that brown satin might be even worse. However, the chunky heels coupled with the tapered-ankle, brown satin jumper is just murder and the idea of gouging my eyes out with a hot spoon is sounding pretty damned appealing right about now.

Love it or leave it? More like rip the shit off, douse it with turpentine, find hallowed ground and bury the thing … but only after you set it on fire in sacrifice to the cruel, cruel god that made Evangeline Lilly think it would be okay to ever — ever! — go out in public in such a putrid ensemble.

The First Five Minutes of the Lost Season Finale

After the third season of Lost I was all “I can’t take this anymore” and I quit watching. I realize that makes me one of the few people on Earth who no longer cares about the show, so I figured I’d post this video for all of you extremely patient and dedicated freaks. Hey guys! Look! It’s the first scene from the new episode of Lost, which is ending its final season on February 2nd. I applaud your dedication if you’re caught up to where this clip starts off. I can’t even begin to attempt to prepare you for this clip if you don’t watch, except to say that there were smoke monsters and polar bears and for awhile some of them where locked in this bunker underground and they had this button they couldn’t press but then one dude did press the button. Oh! Then a few of the more attractive people on the show got kidnapped by some freaky dude that acted like Christopher Walken and they had to live in cages. And I know that Matthew Fox’s character saw the Red Sox win the World Series when he was locked in some glass room. So yeah, this clip should pick up somewhere after all that crap happened. Oh! Wait! I think they can time travel now, too. Not sure.

Lost Star Accused of Causing ABC Staffer to Lose Her Child


Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond on the ABC series Lost, has been accused of engaging in some pretty horrendous sexual harassment and sexual battery in a lawsuit filed by a former ABC entertainment employee. The plaintiff, Chelsea Stone, alleges that while working on set, Cusick groped and humiliated her, then caused her to lose her job and her child, thanks to a miscarriage she alleges was brought on by the extremely stressful situation Cusick created.

Plaintiff Chelsea Stone alleges that on or about Oct. 16, Cusick “placed his hand on her buttocks” and then caressed her back “while making moaning sounds.” He then put his face in her cleavage and wagged his head back and forth, according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. He then touched her breasts with his hands and kissed her on the mouth, Stone says.

Stone also states that over the next few days, Cusick and other members of the staff and crew “became very hostile towards her.” She was fired a few weeks later, and miscarried a few weeks after that.

Those charges sound pretty severe. If someone I work with were to put his head in my tits and wag it back and forth– an activity I call “motorboating” that is reserved only for my significant other and my closest female friends– he’d have more than a lawsuit to contend with. He’d have that giant wheel from the middle of the island sticking out of his netherbits. I’d go straight up Ben Linus on his ass.

Whether or not the  allegations are true remains to be seen, but I kind of hope that they’re false. The idea that such a large production company would bully a female employee to cover up the fact that one of their actors is a complete louse and nearly raped her is beyond disgusting– it’s terrifying.