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Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler’s on the Cover of Marie Claire UK

photo of liv tyler pictures marie claire uk 2012 magazine cover pics
Remember her? Oh I do. I always had such a girl-crush on her, pretty much my entire life. She always seemed so sweet and pretty and salt-of-the-earth. Lovely little Liv Tyler. Plus, that ultra-feminine, super-breathy voice. She killed it. I loved that. And that’s coming from someone who has more of a “man”-voice like Scarlett Johansson. And if you’ve never heard Scarlett Johansson actually speak, here’s your chance:

It’s kind of like that. So naturally, you always envy that which you do not have, or that which you have the opposite of, and for me, it was Liv Tyler’s sweet-but-sexy little voice. I love that girl and her voice.

Here’s a few choice excerpts from her Marie Claire interview, where she talks about parenting, her unconventional childhood, what with being the daughter of Steven Tyler, and what she does for fun.

On going East Coast for her son Milo:
“I’m always trying to figure out what’s best for him [Milo] as a person. The kind of person I want him to be. The values I want him to have. Much as I love my friends and LA, I want him to have more of an East Coast upbringing. The sense of community. Walking to school four blocks away.”

On gradually getting over her divorce:
“I feel like I’m learning every day how to get through life and the world. Not just from the divorce. I felt that way throughout my whole life, ever since I was young person. I’ve had a lot of big things happen to me.”

On her unconventional upbringing and what it’s done for her decision-making skills as a mom:
“Absolutely. It’s brought up a tremendous amount of issues, concerns and worries for me, being a mother, and how much that meant to be based on my childhood and what I went through. Wonderful, beautiful things and difficult things. It was always a dream of mine to be a mother. I didn’t ever really dream of being an actress. I used to dream of being a singer, but I always dreamed of being a mother ever since I was young girl.”

On those pesky rumors that she quit acting, or is slowing phasing it out of her life:
“I’ve never really stopped. Even when I was a kid I’d work for a year straight and then I would take a year off. It always felt natural to live my life again and store things up to put in my next performance.”

On her love of collecting photographs on her phone:
“Obsessively, I have thousands of pictures on my phone. Why am I so fascinated with capturing moments? I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve had so much change in my life. My whole life things have constantly changed, so psychologically I’m sure I’m quite sentimental. I want to remember the feeling, not only what it looks like. When it’s happening, it’s so wonderful but I know it’s gonna change or not gonna last. Everything changes so I want to remember it because I feel grateful for it.”

See? She’s just so grounded and lovable. Even her “leaked photos” were sweet and classy and adorable. Anyone who could ever dislike this girl has either got some serious anger issues, or maybe just knows her better than I do. Who knows. Maybe she’s a super-bitch or something behind closed doors, but guys, if that’s the case, she’s got a hell of a lot of people fooled, myself included.

Love you, Liv!

Facialist to the Stars Finally Gets It in the Eye

Maria Gabriela Hashemipour, skin and con artist A federal judge sentenced Maria Gabriela Hashemipour to house arrest and five years’ probation Monday. Hashemipour—a celebrity esthetician known better as “Gabriela Perez” to her wealthy clientele—pleaded guilty to credit card fraud back in January.

When she wasn’t giving celebrities facials at Chez Gabriela Studio, Hashemipour was screwing them, uh, metaphorically. She apparently scribbled down the credit card numbers of clients like Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway, and Cher, then charged her victims repeatedly for treatments they hadn’t actually received. Chez Gabriela especially had it out for Liv Tyler, bilking Liv’s AmEx between June and November 2009 to the tune of $214,000.

If you ask me, Hashemipour’s scam hardly ends there. Here’s her description of her own work (emphases mine):

With special skin care techniques and hand manipulations, Gabriela Perez developed a personal and particular style that put her on the leading edge of beauty care today, referred to now as a “skin artist.”

Wow! Definitely totally legitimate. Tell me, Ms. Hashemipour, what other treatments and services can I expect from Chez Gabriela?

Well, Jenn, I’m glad you asked. The “Basic” “Gabriela” “Facial” runs between $500 and $1,900, depending on the price I cite during your consultation (and don’t think I haven’t noticed that your pores are lousy). Similarly, the “Double” Facial begins at $800 and ends at $3,000. It’s like the Basic, except that it includes high-tech lasers.

The “Diamond Powder” Treatment begins at $3,000, and it utilizes actual diamond powder, which are particles ordinarily used to polish stone and cement. What could possibly make the crags of your face more radiant than actual diamonds! I’ll tell you: the “Platinum Celebrity” Treatment, beginning at $6,000, which uses still more diamond powder, platinum and gold, plus the high-tech lasers I mentioned before, and also stem cell serums!! Also, ask me about the Anti-Adiposity ultrasound treatment! I sell toner for $450!! My “Paradise Cream” is only $3,200!!! I’ll even add acid peels, collagen, and fat injections to your order!!!!!

Then there’s the “Rebirth and Redemption” Treatment, which uses European gold flakes, essence of frankincense and myrrh, and my patented syringe of Baby Jesus Tears!!!!!!!

I made up the last one.

My point: it’s only criminal to invent procedures and charge celebrities without their knowledge, apparently. Inventing bullshit and charging celebrities with their consent, however? Totally OK.

Liv Tyler’s Leaked Photos!!!

A photo of Liv Tyler

Man oh man, are these celebrities sure bad at taking private sexy pictures and having them end up on the Internet or what?  Well, you know how it is with these sorts of things – when it rains, it pours – and just after the Blake Lively mess, some raunchy Liv Tyler photos hit the scene, and let me tell you, they are some wild and crazy pictures!

Aww, I’m just joshin’ y’all!  I mean, not about the leaked pictures, because if you’ve got eyeballs, you can clearly see that there are some sexy pictures with this story, I’m just kidding about the raunch.  It turns out that both in the public eye and in private, Liv Tyler is one lovely, classy lady.

Also, one question, based solely on the photos:  Blake Lively or Liv Tyler?

Images courtesy of Starcasm