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Little Richard

Little Richard Retires at 80

little richard

Can you believe Little Richard is 80 years old? He’s had a long and illustrious career, extending back to 1948. That’s over half a century! Wowee! Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Tutti Frutti”? Since I don’t know all that much about Little Richard, I fell into a black hole reading his Wikipedia page. Little Richard was a FREAK (in the best way) back in the day – he got into voyeurism at 15 and was even arrested for having sex with a couple in a car shortly after.  He also did drag for a good many years, as well. Get yours, Little Richard.

In any case, all this is to say that he’s finally decided to retire, telling Rolling Stone:

“I am done, in a sense, because I don’t feel like doing anything right now.

“I think my legacy should be that when I started in showbusiness there wasn’t no such thing as rock’n’roll. When I started with ‘Tutti Frutti’, that’s when rock really started rocking.”

Well, that’s fair enough. I sure as hell will not be working as an 80-year-old, I hope. Of course, performing for a living is a bit different because it’s something you love, but it’s still hard work. Time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your success!