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Morning Wood [The AM Links]

photo of jennifer lopez hot pictures photos

Scarlett Johansson: still pregnant. [The Superficial]

And now she’s moving in with Sean Penn. [Lainey Gossip]

Janet Jackson’s boyfriend might be one of the hottest dudes I’ve seen all year. [Bossip]

Taylor Lautner will make you cry. [ICYDK]

Silent House: another super creepy-looking horror movie trailer. [Pajiba]

And … she’s gone nude. Say ‘bye-bye,’ jobby-job. [Huffington Post]

Is Kim Kardashian moving to NYC to get married? [Celebrity Dirty Laundry]

Jessica Simpson was asked to sing for the troops as if it were 2001 again. [Celebuzz]

Jennifer Lopez‘s non-Photoshopped abs are still to die for, even after twins. [Caught on Set]

Adele: on the cover of Rolling Stone. [Popbytes]

Zsa Zsa Gabor‘s husband wants a new baby for the couple. Um. Yeah. [Bitten and Bound]

Breaking news: Gwyneth Paltrow is ‘deeply flawed.’ [The Blemish]

Afternoon Delight [The PM Links]

hot picture of bradley cooper abs stomach ripped nude naked pictures photos

Bradley Cooper is the Crow. [The Superficial]

Does Gwyneth Paltrow actually have nasty skin? [Lainey Gossip]

Jennifer Lopez: is she really the most beautiful woman in the world? [Bossip]

Oh no … Tom Cruise is making a movie about his stupidest character to date. (I know, it’s hard to figure out which one, isn’t it.) [ICYDK]

Does Lindsay Lohan have ‘killer fashion sense’? [Betty Confidential]

According to Photoshop, January Jones is nineteen feet tall. [Amy Grindhouse]

Should guys be forced to wear their wedding rings at all times? [The Frisky]

Milla Jovovich apparently lost all that weight by smoking. [Caught on Set]

OK, Lady Gaga DEFINITELY had a nose job. [Celebuzz]

Even Lamar Odom thinks his reality show sucks. [IDLYITW]

Stake Land might be the scariest vampire thing I’ve ever seen in life . [Pajiba]

Damn. Poor Sugar Ray. [Socialite Life]

Does Kris Jenner have a better body than Kim Kardashian? [I’m Not Obsessed]

Morning Wood [The AM Links]

photo of lea michele ugly pictures photos

Everybody wants to know how this type of sex works. [The Superficial]

Will Kirsten Dunst‘s wedding set off the apocalypse? [Lainey Gossip]

Chris Brown has a new video out, surprisingly. [Bossip]

The grown-up, real-life Gotti boys are actually pretty hot now that they’ve dumped the shitty, cheap, Jersey Shore look. [TMZ]

Evan Rachel Wood had a ‘bad breakup’ with her mom at the age of eighteen. [The Blemish]

50 Cent causes a mob scene at a Scream 4 afterparty. [Right Celebrity TV]

What ‘legendary starring role’ is Bradley Cooper being considered for? (To be fair, I didn’t even know they were REMAKING this movie, and I still can’t understand why.) [Huffington Post]

Looks to me like Tom Cruise‘s face is starting to sag. Time to suck, Vlad! [Celebuzz]

Why can’t Britney dance anymore? [Socialite Life]

Yes, Aubrey O’Day has a new single. No, I don’t know why either. [Popbytes]

Wendy Williams has tips for finding a date. I don’t think she’s speaking from experience. [The Frisky]

Lea Michele was pissed that she had to share a magazine cover. Bitch please. [Cele|Bitchy]

Afternoon Delight [The PM Links]

photo of hot keri hilson pictures photos wallpaper

Scarlett Johansson is probably pregnant. [The Superficial]

Demi Moore and Courteney Cox use the same plastic surgeon. [Lainey Gossip]

Keri Hilson goes naked for Allure. [Bossip]

Jennifer Lopez as Most Beautiful Woman of 2011? [Right Celebrity]

Exclusive photos of the latest Scientolobaby. [Socialite Life]

Ron Livingstone was a terrible choice for Gomez (I’m just saying), but he’s up in another film anyway. [Caught on Set]

Katy Perry signs a deal with Adidas. I know, I barfed too. [Yeeeah]

Prince William and Kate Middleton invited a bunch of their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to their wedding. Don’t ask me, I don’t fucking know why. [The Frisky]

Picture this: Lindsay Lohan, hiding in a closet. [The Blemish]

Lil Wayne kisses a dude. [OMGBlog]

Morning Wood [The AM Links]

photo of black and white hot selma blair pictures

For all of those who said Selma Blair was fat. [The Superficial]

Rihanna does a Britney remix. [Bossip]

The Situation is driving a Ferrari now. Aren’t you kicking yourself that you didn’t hook up with him that night at the shore? [TMZ]

Robin Wright (Penn) rocking one of the worst haircuts a woman can get. [Lainey Gossip]

So, what, Dita von Teese is dating Brendan Fraser or something? [ICYDK]

The first photos of Tina Fey‘s baby bump. [Socialite Life]

Kirstie Alley has another mishap on DWTS. [Huffington Post]

Now that Billy Ray and Tish are back together, Miley‘s raising her younger siblings. [Celebuzz]

David Hyde Pierce (or just ‘Niles’) plays an awesome psychotic. [Pajiba]

Jen Sterger is pathetic, needs to stop talking about Brett Favre’s offensive penis. [IDLYITW]

Did Taylor Swift slam stay-at-home moms? [Cele|Bitchy]

Adele + Britney = ‘Rolling ‘Til the World Ends’ [The Frisky]

Afternoon Delight [The PM Links]

photo of hot kanye west pictures photos

LeAnn Rimes - going further off the deep end? [The Superficial]

Kanye West spotted with his new lady love in Paris. [Bossip]

Who’s getting married in eighteen days? [Lainey Gossip]

Is Charlie Sheen paying for fans’ ‘Winning!’ tattoos? [Earsucker]

Britney Spears signs Nicki Minaj to her tour! [TMZ]

Fergie taking a break from her career to have kids? [ICYDK]

Apparently Mila Kunis will NOT be one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses. [The Blemish]

Joshua Jackson is actually looking pretty hot on the set of Fringe. [Caught on Set]

Was Kate Hudson drinking in Sao Paulo, too? [I’m Not Obsessed]

Daniel Radcliffe moves on from Harry Potter with a new movie. [Huffington Post]

VIDEO: The Kardashians bashed on SNL. [Bitten and Bound]

Vanessa Hudgens was ‘bashful’ about those nude pics she took. Sure. [Celebuzz]

Was Rihanna‘s father abusive to her, too? [The Frisky]

Jennifer Love Hewitt stands up for herself to paparazzi. [Socialite Life]

Morning Wood [The AM Links]

photo of kim kardashian before plastic surgery pictures photos

The capacity for amazing that Kim Kardashian‘s ass holds always surprises me. [The Superficial]

Who should play Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby? Definitely this guy. [Lainey Gossip]

Did Tila Tequila settle down with a ‘real’ man, or has this dude just lost his mind? [Bossip]

Tori Spelling is doing a right bang-up job parenting. [Yeeeah]

Michael Shannon cast in Man of Steel? [Pajiba]

Just try to guess how much The Situation is worth. You’re going. to fucking. die. [IDLYITW]

Reese Witherspoon recently turned into Kirsten Dunst courtesy of Photoshop. [Amy Grindhouse]

What hot-ass woman is taking it all off for Playboy? And is probably losing her job for it, too? [The Frisky]

Now that she’s pregnant, Natalie Portman says ‘Eff veganism.’ [Celebuzz]

What exactly is Kate Middleton ‘winning’ at? [Socialite Life]

Chelsea Handler writes yet another book. [OMGBlog]

Dennis Quaid opens up about being a cokehead, what it did to his life. [Cele|Bitchy]