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photo of paz delahuerta pictures
Paz de la Huerta, pregnant and smoking. [The Superficial]

Catherine’s pre-pregnancy hair. [Lainey Gossip]

Marcus Miller injured in a bus accident. [Starpulse]

‘Wayne’s World’ FOREVER. [theBERRY]

More people rip ‘Liz & Dick’. [Socialite Life]

Kourtney Kardashian’s baby is ADORABLE. [TMZ]

The Manatee Molester was arrested. [The Frisky]

Prince Charles is “impatient” for people to die. This explains a lot. [Cele|bitchy]

Oh Lindsay. [Yeeeah]

Here’s that Osama Bin Laden movie. [Huff Po]

Move over, Justin Bieber. [Bitten and Bound]

What Liz Taylor has to say about ‘Liz & Dick’. [OMGBlog]

Probably the ugliest bikini in life. [G Celeb]

More classy folks, take two. [IDLYITW]

The biggest, scariest boobs ever. [College Poison]

Lady Gaga really needs to do something about this shit. [Hollywood PQ]

Are we sure this isn’t Katie Holmes? [Moe Jackson]

PHOTOS: Is Lea Michele pregnant? [Lainey Gossip]


photo of jennifer lawrence pictures
Jennifer Lawrence Thanksgiving bikini! As in thanks for giving these to us, girl! [The Superficial]

Anne Hathaway’s one-off nails. [Lainey Gossip]

All the details on Emma Stone’s sex tape. [Yeeeah]

Guess who the king of YouTube is! [Starpulse]

Furby Flashbacks. [theBERRY]

She was not. that. bad. [Cele|bitchy]

PHOTOS: Simon Cowell’s plastic surgery failure. [Bohomoth]

Leighton Meester goes topless. [Amy Grindhouse]

11 Simple Rules for What to Do When a Parent Dies. [The Frisky]

This is what Matthew McConaughey looks like down forty pounds. [Splash]

PHOTOS: Tom Cruise spent Thanksgiving with his daughter. Yeah, I know. [Socialite Life]

What a classy bunch. [Celebslam]

Is there really any question about his dick being a disgusting human being yet? [Bossip]

Jessica Simpson’s crash diet revealed. [I'm Not Obsessed]

This is gonna end well. [Hollywood PQ]

Amanda Bynes bought herself a turban for Thanksgiving. [IDLYITW]

Megan Fox looks unbelievable in a bra. [The Blemish]

More Courtney Stodden near-nudity for Thanksgiving. [The Superficial]

Chevy Chase leaves ‘Community’. [Lainey Gossip]


photo of elmo pictures
Elmo has quit ‘Sesame Street’. [The Superficial]

You could Madonna’s house if you really wanted to. [Bitten and Bound]

Why does every one and every thing have to be perverted? [Starpulse]

Celine Dion’s new video. [Hollywood PQ]

Adam Lambert’s ‘Divas’. [OMGblog]

Justin Bieber makes out with a new chick. [Socialite Life]

… And has a new Ferrari. [Celebslam]

Why the wedding is off. [Yeeeah]

Megan Fox. In a BRA. [The Blemish]

James Deen is untouchable. [The Frisky]

Hey, let’s just not talk about That Girl anymore, huh? [Cele|bitchy]

Anderson Cooper’s Twitter hissyfit. [IDLYITW]

Taylor Swift has options. [Lainey Gossip]

Jessica Simpson’s 60-pound weight loss. [Celebrity VIP Lounge]

Jennifer Lawrence is so, so beautiful. [Moe Jackson]

Chad Ochocinco’s new girlfriend is pathetic. Almost as pathetic as Chad Ochocinco. [Bossip]

Possible cease-fire to be announced in Gaza? [Elite Daily]


photo of christina hendricks boobs pictures nudes naked pic leak photos
Move over, Christina Hendricks—they’s new boobs in the house. [The Superficial]

Jessica Biel ages 50 years. [The Frisky]

Jennifer Lawrence shows off some cleave. [Starpulse]

I know I said it yesterday, but EVA MENDES’ REPLACEMENT. [Lainey Gossip]

Miley Cyrus is collaborating with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift? [Socialite Life]

MC Hammer does ‘Gangnam Style’. [Yeeeah]

Salma Hayek cries before nude scenes. [Amy Grindhouse]

Indiana Jones is a hipster. [theBERRY]

The Humane Society condemns ‘The Hobbit’ after all sorts of animals turn up dead. [Cele|bitchy]

Katie Holmes does the real person thing for a bit. [Bohomoth]

The Romneys love ‘Twilight’. [IDLYITW]

Blind Item: what sober actor relapses on alcohol? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Pink’s unbelievable AMA performance. [OMGblog]

Maybe Tamara Ecclestone is just filthy. [G Celeb]

Megan Fox is one hot mama. [Hollywood PQ]

Barbara Walters talks Most Interesting people list for 2012. [Lainey Gossip]

Justin Bieber dishes to Oprah about Selena Gomez. [Splash]


photo of jessica simpson pictures
Jessica Simpson is THIN. [The Superficial]

Eva Mendes’ replacement! [Lainey Gossip]

Taylor Swift’s behind-the-scenes love. [Starpulse]

Man boobs. Not hot. [theBERRY]

David Beckham tries to not ogle the cheerleaders, fails. [Socialite Life]

Vintage love letters found amidst Sandy debris. [The Frisky]

Justin Bieber dedicates it all to his haters. [Cele|bitchy]

MC Hammer did Gangnam Style. [Yeeeah]

Who wore Nicki Minaj’s dress better? [Bitten and Bound]

Emma Thompson in ‘Beautiful Creatures’. [OMGBlog]

And filled with filthy plastic surgery, too. [G Celeb]

Christina Aguilera’s best angle. [IDLYITW]

Friends turned enemies. [College Poison]

The AMA afterparties. [Moe Jackson]

Men desire relationships, not casual sex. [Elite Daily]

‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2′ premiere madness. [Hollywood PQ]

And the most absurd baby name goes to … [Lainey Gossip]


photo of courteney cox pictures
Well hey, Courteney Cox. [The Superficial]

Jeremy Renner’s SNL was ROUGH. [Lainey Gossip]

Ashley Greene just wants you to see every inch of her bod, eh? [Yeeeah]

Jessica Biel is a mature married woman now. [Starpulse]

The Thanksgiving breakdown. [theBERRY]

Ke$ha cleans up her act. [Cele|bitchy]

Chanel is in trouble after Brad Pitt’s mockery of its brand. [Bohomoth]

Hey, look, it’s Scarlett Courtney Stodden Johansson! [Amy Grindhouse]

Jenny McCarthy outclasses herself by joking about rape. [The Frisky]

Kristen Stewart’s undying guilt. [Splash]

Celebrity lookalikes. [Socialite Life]

Gerard Butler is still dreaming about Jessica Biel. [Celebslam]

Justin Bieber is really sad about this Selena Gomez thing. Ha. [The Blemish]

Of course Carrie Fisher’s going to be in the new ‘Star Wars’ movies. [IDLYITW]

Carly Rae Jepsen is actually forty. [I'm Not Obsessed]

Evelyn Lozada is a classy lady. [Bossip]

Another ‘Twilight’ movie review. [Hollywood PQ]

It’s all for the pubes. I mean, publicity. [Lainey Gossip]


photo of david hasselhoff pictures young pic
David Hasselhoff is still a pathetic moron. [The Superficial]

Kristen Stewart still feels guilty and thinks everyone hates her. [Cele|bitchy]

All of the ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2′ reviews are in—what’s the verdict? [Starpulse]

Rachel Bilson’s best looks, if you’re into Rachel Bilson. [The Frisky]

Another ’50 Shades of Grey’ reading. [Socialite Life]

Kristen Stewart just wanted something in his mouth. [The Blemish]

Matthew McConaughey is withering away. [theBERRY]

Minka Kelly steps in dog shit. [Celebslam]

A ‘Big Bang Theory’ Call Me Maybe flash mob. Now I hate this show. [OMGBlog]

Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon. My God. [Popbytes]

Sandra Bullock’s unlikely friendship. [INFDaily]

The most shocking ‘Breaking Dawn’ review of all. [Huff Po]

The “strict” Kardashian prenup. [CDL]

She’s bouncing back, alright. [Bossip]

Dog that was shot in the face twice and buried comes back to life. [Elite Daily]

Best TwitPics of the week. [Hollywood PQ]

Kim Kardashian is blasted over Israel. [TMZ]