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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Moves Us All By Tweeting An Ad For An App While In Rehab

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Good to know that Lohan took some time out of her day to reflect on her journey and self improvement via twitter. Really, it wasn’t totally a bad thing. Here’s the tweet:
lindsay lohan twitter rehabA little cheesy, but okay. But see that link there? And how it says “view app”? Here’s what you see when you click on that:

lindsay lohan twitter just sing it screen grab shot

Like what the hell is this, Lohan? What is the connection here? With this app, you TOO can sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” while thinking about the opportunities you fucked up in your life? I DON’T GET IT.

Wait actually this app looks kind of cool. It seems it’s like mini karaoke you have with you at all times. Still, none of this makes sense to me. Does she know someone who created the app? Did she tweet it as a favor? Is someone paying her? I’m just trying to understand the connections here. I did some research because I don’t have a life, and found this from Business Insider from the month of April:

Alec Andronikov, 29, has started and sold two companies, and he may have another hit on his hands. That’s if Lindsay Lohan has it her way.

Since April 4, about 70,000 people have downloaded Just Sing It and 400,000 recordings have been made. The app owes much of its quick growth to actress Lindsay Lohan who came across the app and tweeted its praises [...] Andronikov says his team didn’t pay for the endorsement, but now that they know she’s likes the app, they’re working with her team to “make the most of her being a fan.” Lohan has now tweeted seven times about Just Sing It, asking her 6 million followers to join in.

Okay so apparently she’s not being paid, but this still seems very off. It’s gotta be a favor.

Isn’t rehab great?

Saoirse Ronan Could Have Ended Up Like Lindsay Lohan

saorise ronan

Considering that Lindsay Lohan was a pretty prominent figure in Hollywood from an early age and Saoirse Ronan is really only coming into her own as an actress that we respect but don’t actually know all that well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I don’t know this girl and I think she’s talented, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Showbiz is full of enablers and pushers who will basically get your ass into all kinds of trouble if you happen to be so inclined, vaguely suggestable or a minor with a parent who cares more about your money or your well-being, so it’s very lucky for Saoirse that she didn’t go down the same path as Lindsay.

From Time Out London (via DS):

“I could have ended up like Lindsay Lohan,” Ronan told Time Out London.

“You’re being offered all these different temptations… and everyone is either telling you how great you are or talking about you behind your back.”

She added: “Lindsay Lohan was the It girl from, like, 14. That’s a lot of pressure.

“If you don’t have your mam telling you, ‘Remember, you’re still my daughter’, you’re going to go off the rails.”

True, true. I feel that. On a side note, how good does Byzantium look? I’m down.

Lindsay Lohan May Be Charged $5 Million For Being a Drug-Addled Detriment To Leggings Sales

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Lindsay Lohan can’t catch a break. They took her freedom and they took her Adderall, and now they want to take what little money she’s got left, too. You see, she’s being sued for $5 million by the company that released her line of leggings, who claim that her “drug-addled image” caused low sales. Uh, you do realise that you signed a deal with LINDSAY LOHAN, right? This wasn’t Taylor Swift’s legging line and Lindsay just showed up the day of the shoot. What the hell is wrong with people?

From E! Online:

An apparel manufacturer that partnered with Lohan’s leggings line 6126 is firing back at the actress’ 2013 lawsuit over a licensing dispute, claiming that the embattled star’s tarnished reputation severely hampered the company’s ability to suitably peddle her clothing line to buyers.

In a $5 million breach-of-contract counter claim filed against Lohan Friday in a California U.S. District Court and obtained by E! News, clothing company DNAM alleges that while the starlet’s leggings line initially enjoyed some success at department stores in 2010, buyers eventually began to pull back “because they did not want to be associated with Lohan’s drug addled image.”

The complaint states that in the spring of 2011, buyers canceled appointments and customers canceled orders, noting that “no one would touch the line.” Lohan, who was in rehab at the time, was unable to endorse the brand or provide feedback, the lawsuit alleges.

The company claims that Lohan’s legal troubles and her supposed drug and alcohol addictions devalued the brand, and it its seeking $5 million in damages.

I just… don’t get what’s wrong with people. Newsflash: If you enter a legal agreement to produce and sell Lindsay Lohan’s clothing, you’d better be prepared for people who don’t like Lindsay Lohan not to buy it and for sales to suffer because of it. It’s not like her popularity JUST took a nosedive (and in fact it’s not her popularity that’s waned, it’s her reputation/respectability), so these people need to STFU.