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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Is A Groupie Now

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday we learned that Lindsay had traveled from New York, the scene of her latest crime, all the way down to Philadelphia, just to see a concert by her new fave, The Wanted. Ok, but guess what Lindsay is doing now?

She’s riding on The Wanted’s tour bus. She’s in Boston now with the band because she rode there on their tour bus.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan has risen to super-groupie status — and must be banging Max George — because TMZ has learned she hit the road with The Wanted … on their tour bus!

Sources close to Max tell us Lindsay is in Boston with The Wanted for their show tonight — and we’re told she got there riding first class on board the group’s luxury bus … as Max’s guest.

We’re also told Max is now ‘fessing up he did invite LiLo backstage for the Philly Jingle Ball last night.

While Linds hitching a ride with Max is pretty strong evidence she’s got her hooks into him — our source says Max definitely “doesn’t want a girlfriend, and is a single guy … but doesn’t mind having Lindsay around.”

Not exactly Romeo and Juliet … but we’re guessing Lindsay will take it.

This is not good, and I’ll tell you why. There are only a few reasons that I can figure that Lindsay Lohan would be riding on the tour bus of a very popular band. One, she sneaked on there, and while technically she rode on the bus, she was riding in a closet or on the bus driver’s lap. Two, The Wanted don’t have genuine reasons for wanting her with them: they want the press, or they want to laugh at her drunken shenanigans. Three, she’s practicing going on the run so she won’t have to go to jail again.

Either way, let’s all check out The Wanted’s tour schedule and see when they’re coming to a city near us, all right? That’ll be a fun assignment for us all. First person who gets Lindsay’s autograph gets a prize, but it’s the first person who gets Lindsay to punch them who truly wins.

Lindsay Has Resurfaced in Philadelphia And Also on Twitter

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Yep, that’s a photo of Lindsay Lohan signing autographs down in Philadelphia. But why was she there, you might be wondering. And I’ll tell you. Because it’s hilarious.

She was there to see The Wanted in concert. They had a show last night and Lindsay managed to make her way backstage, where she was seen giving autographs. It’s funny because Lindsay also saw The Wanted before her latest bar fight, and it was rumored that one of the reasons Lindsay got mad enough to punch someone was because that someone was spotted talking to Max, one of the band members.

During another concert, another member of the band, George, called Lindsay “the best drunk in New York,” and another member, Jay, wore a shirt that read “Free Lindsay” to a show.

Basically, Lindsay is stalking The Wanted, but they’re cool with it. Which is neat, I guess?

In other, Lindsay news, our girl is back on Twitter! It’s not terribly exciting, she just posted a photo of the Thanksgiving dinner she shared with her mother and her siblings:

Note the bottles of wine. I’m sure the Lohan clan did.

Mel Gibson Wants to Help Lindsay Lohan

A photo of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson did some quickie interview a couple of days ago, and he mentioned that, in the past, he’d approached Lindsay while she was having some trouble. Being the kind man that he is, he said that he may reach out to her again in these, her most trying of times. Isn’t that sweet? And when he was asked about her recent troubles, he said “well, we all know about that. It takes one to know one.”

I’m not exactly sure what that last part means beyond “ha ha, I break laws too,” but this is just a bad plan, I think. Mostly because it just doesn’t make any sense. When you’re really bad at something, you don’t look to other people who are also bad at that thing for advice, do you? When I had to take a dance class to graduate college, I was absolutely terrible at it, and when I needed help, I spoke to my friends who had taken ballet since they could walk or my friends who had some natural ability to dance that was so far beyond me. I didn’t ask the guy who twisted his ankle because he thought he was some bad ass who could practice leaps in skinny jeans. It’s common sense.

And you know, I don’t need to read about the tumultuous love affair that will start when these two crazies cross paths. I don’t need to hear those tapes. None of us do. So could we just nip this in the bud now? Please

Quotables: Brian Littrell (Yeah, I Know) Doesn’t Pray for Lindsay Lohan Either

photo of brian littrell pictures

Unfortunately, no, [I don't pray for Lindsay Lohan]. I’m probably breaking a lot of ministers’ hearts. It’s like, “He’s a Christian. He should pray for everybody” … But she’s not in my prayers at night. I’m sorry.

Brian Littrell (formerly of the Backstreet Boys, if you had no idea who he was to begin with) on Lindsay Lohan and how she fits into the grand scheme of the afterlife, and it’s pretty funny that someone as random as this dude is talking good, positive thoughts for Lindsay Lohan (or the lack thereof, honestly), because weren’t we just talking about this the other day? Yes, we were.

Brian, if you don’t know, has become a deeply religious fellow since the Backstreet Boys disbanded earlier in the decade, and Lindsay, as you know, is in some serious, dire need of counseling, whether it be emotional, mental, religious, or just the good old STOP DRINKING FOOL kind that you get in rehab.

Way to talk the talk, Brian Littrell. Way to be.

Surprise, Surprise: Lindsay is “Out of Control.” Again.

photo of lindsay lohan is a hot mess pictures
From People:

Less than 24 hours before the well-documented punching incident at an N.Y.C. nightclub that got her arrested, Lohan was “dancing like crazy” past 2 a.m. at The Darby, at one point “causing a scene” when she thought she lost her phone, says an onlooker. “She even demanded that a girl at a nearby table empty her pockets.”

The following night, Lohan appeared drunk, according to reports, before she allegedly punched Tiffany Mitchell at a Manhattan nightclub. She is due in court for the altercation on Jan. 7.

Simply put, Lohan, 26, continues to struggle with alcohol, says a friend. “She will fool people into thinking she’s changed, but at some point in the night, she always snaps and it’s always the same story,” says the pal

Meanwhile, another source close to the actress denies that she has a problem and says that it’s the “near constant criticism” that’s taking a toll on her. “If everything you did was criticized, you’d lash out too,” says the pal. “But she’ll be fine, she’s tough. She’ll probably outlive everyone.”

Famous last words: “She’ll probably outlive everyone.” Isn’t that what people were saying in the months before Amy Winehouse died of what really turned out to be acute alcohol poisoning? Because I think it’d be really awful, actually, if Lindsay went the same route as Amy. Yeah, you know, we don’t know any of these people personally, and in almost all cases, these people with these substance abuse issues bring all of this hell down upon themselves, but jeez. I can’t imagine anyone with a soul not looking at this girl and saying, “I’m praying for you, girl” in one way or another, even if they do chuckle at her cracked-out meth antics from time to time.

Lindsay’s behavior was sad years ago, and it’s still sad today, but I think we’re crossing a line these days, guys, and it’s one of those unfortunate lines that, once you head beyond it, you can’t go back.

Lindsay Just Doesn’t Want to Go to Jail, Please

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Oh my gosh, Lindsay. I can’t even believe that you went to jail for like a week and a half for that DUI, how screwed up was that? And you got in trouble for stealing that necklace, even though you totally just borrowed it? Bullshit. Total bullshit. And now, just when you’re getting into your prime, people are trying to bring you down for fibbing to police and punching someone in the head. It’s like, get a life, justice system!

But for real, things are getting serious this time. Lindsay’s arraignment is on December 15th, and she’s facing “about 253 days” in jail for violating her probation. And obviously she’s not going to be there that long thanks to overcrowding, but she’d still have to serve 25% of that time, which is 63 days. Right around two months, that could probably do her some good, right?

But Lindsay doesn’t even care, because this is all just so unfair. She’s “absolutely freaked out” about going back to jail, and if she “could sell a body part to keep her out of jail, she would.” Oh, girl, how awful this whole thing is for you!

In other Lindsay news, she’s been screaming that the whole fight thing was a setup. People heard her crying after she got released from the police station and saying “I don’t deserve this! It’s not my fault!” People also heard her saying that she was just trying to find her sister’s purse, because – wait for it – she’d given her $10,000 in cash earlier in the evening to take care of her family. And, you know, when someone gives you thousands of dollars in cash, obviously you just stick it in your purse and go out to the club.

What a mess.

The IRS Has Seized All of Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

From TMZ:

As if she weren’t royally screwed enough … Lindsay Lohan’s tax problems have become so extreme … the IRS has seized ALL of her bank accounts in order to repay her massive outstanding debt.

As we reported, Uncle Sam has filed tax liens against Lindsay for the years 2009 and 2010 — claiming she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes.

Charlie Sheen generously paid Lindsay $100,000 to help alleviate Lindsay’s 2009 tax problem — but we’re told Charlie’s check barely scratched the surface … because Lindsay also owes money for 2011.

The IRS has given Lindsay ample time to pay up — but the Man’s tired of waiting … so we’re told the IRS has seized ALL her bank accounts in order to settle her debt.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she’s in full-on panic mode about her financial situation, and is desperately trying to make some cash to get out of the red.

Dang, you guys. Dang. This is getting way too serious. I feel like this whole situation is a whole lot worse than last year’s big jewelry heist, don’t you? Shit’s coming at her from all sides, and even though she brought all this on herself, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for her. Or it’s probably more like pity, actually. Does that sound catty, to say I pity her?

But I really do, because here’s another little bit of Lindsay news: her friends are trying their best to get her to go to rehab, probably because of that whole issue where she drinks two liters of vodka a day and then punches strangers in night clubs. But she won’t have it. Because she doesn’t even have a problem, guys! Why is everyone all worried over nothing? She just did three movies, do you think an alcoholic could do that? And this is seriously supposed to be her defense. See? Pity.